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  • @shari-rose
  • September 20, 2021

Richie why are they so keen to jab with the covid jab when its the 'new variants ' they are warning us about. Surely the covid 19 jab is now out of date and no use for the 'new variants'?

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  • @shari-rose
  • September 15, 2021

Thanks for all your hard work, dedication, and commitment to providing a platform for guests most of us would never get to hear about. I've no doubt you are providing a massive service in keeping your listeners sane and taking 'one for the team' each day by going...

I have a plan c for rabid jabid, stick plan a and plan b together up your feckin arse... sorry but this covid turettes is catching 🤪

They know of the damage already in children caused by these death shots, yet still they push the narrative, basteeds.

The face on this one speaks far more volume than her words could ever do.

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