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  • Something New
    Opening your eyes for search for something new
    Finding a place inside another’s head that resonates so true
    A mindset or perspective never encountered before
    Makes my heart and mind sing if life is becoming a chore
    Show me, teach me your joy I have yet to meet
    Let us make memories of perceptions I want to keep

  • A Speck in my Eye

    A hidden speck deep in my eyes
    Can see your secret shadowed cries
    You scream into the mirrored glass
    And act like a right pain in the ass

    I know you think that pain is yours
    And try and shut all open doors
    But really we are all feeling the same
    And this is not yours to give a name

    It seeps from you in waves of…Read More

  • Rotten
    Insidious, nasty, bitter and not fun
    Talk about life being twisted on the run
    Low frequency black magic being cast
    Traditional rotten ways falling fast
    Laugher with and an edge for bucks and more
    Leaving families bleeding painfully on the floor

  • A leaf blowing in a spiral Path
    A loss of tomorrow shapes this craft
    I weep for things behind me
    Travelling within for better things to see
    Escapism is its name
    Because Realism brings me shame

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