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      • Thank you for saying so, Kelly. I had it printed on a flight case (Handle and wheels kinda thang )for a friend’s birthday. She adores it. Came out really good.

  • This is a somewhat depressing read.

    Proving that the jab killed someone, anyone, will not only be likely impossible but it could be easily spun to appear that it is the unvaccinated that are responsible.

    “I know enough about biotechnology to know that you can easily create, shall we say, pathogens, which don’t look like they’re related to what you’ve done. And what’s even more horrifying is you can separate them in time, so an injection which will later make you ill or kill you can be separated by design in time from that event. So you might die a year later of liver cancer or something and you wouldn’t connect that. And if you can imagine making a smorgasbord of different pathogens so not everybody is going to die of the same thing, you literally could do away with big slices of the population if you want. And we could all be running around like headless chickens. This is an attempt on global depopulation."

    Dr Mike Yeadon

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  • I followed the Tweets of a lady called Rebecca Butler during the Brexit fiasco. She rose to some fame on Question Time, I think it was, having a crack at Ed Davey MP, which is always to be applauded. With the onset of our brand new Covid fiasco, Rebecca had come down on the side of not merely taking the so-called ‘Vaccine’, not even stopping at…Read More

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