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  • @Stephen123
  • September 16, 2021

Hi Richie, regarding maybe being entitled to certain benefits depending on how your job ends, at the moment there are no face to face interviews at job centres, it's all done over the phone. How long before this policy is reversed and face to face meetings start again, BUT...

Good article, Richie, short and to the point. Growing evidence of the immediate negative health impacts of these clot-shot jib-jabs is devastating enough, but there can be no real knowledge of future health impacts because there is no long-term safety data. This is the biggest experiment ever conducted on...

I'm sure smoking doesn't help, either way it's a dirty, unhealthy addiction, and I personally hate breathing tobacco smoke!

Another imbecile! How many smokers are there in the UK? Many of them with their face nappies on chins while they take orgasmic puffs on their little cancer sticks, which, even outdoors, pollutes the air and forces others to breathe their second hand smoke. Do they, or this...

I received an email this morning about the consultation: You recently signed the petition “Do not require health and social care workers to take covid-19 vaccination”: The Government has launched a public consultation on whether it should require frontline health and social care staff to be vaccinated against both covid-19 and...

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