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She really is such a wretched whore. The damage that these horrid people are doing to our country and it’s citizens is incalculable. There is no punishment too severe for these traitors.

“Exile” ! No fucking way. I know violence is never the answer. There comes a point however when violence is the only answer. Just ask those who were herded onto the box cars and how their non violent compliance worked out for them. No. Building numerous large wicker men is the...

Let’s call him out for what he is. He is part of the paedophile protection squad. When he was in charge of the CPS, he made sure several high level nonces got away with what they were doing. I imagine he is into little boys and should be put...

Anybody who gives experimental drugs to children is no better than a paedophile in my book. At least with a nonce you know what you’re getting :- a sore arse and a dose of PTSD. With an experimental drug the consequences could be anything from infertility to cancer to...

I’m not advocating anything. I’m just pointing out that these people, the politicians and their enforcers, are indeed genuine card carrying fascists and must eventually be dealt with as such. The Stockholm syndrome suffering population are victims in this and I don’t think they are ready to take up arms...

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