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So much depends upon people continuing to carry these phones. Just get rid of them. I manage perfectly well without one. I can't stand seeing people's attention glued to them so much, especially youngsters. Porcine aviator alert.

Just one question. For all the proponents of lockdowns and all the other unprecedented, unjustified and destructive measures. Is this what you all had in mind when you supported your government of liars, complied with the absurd and attacked so-called covidiots?

Today program quite shocking and enraging this morning. Why aren't you locking down harder and faster? Why aren't masks being mandated again? etc. Where is the debate? Any objectivity? What are the odds for Christmas this year?

The vaccine is now covid.

Who wants to compare covid stats from the good old pre-jab days last September to figures from this year after good old Mr. Safe and Effective has been jolly well rolled out to the vast majority of the population? Daily new cases 7 day rolling average - Sept 13 2020...

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