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  • Great to see you going from strength strength Richie. Love the new website. All the best

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  • Well done Richie, you handled the EC interview beautifully. A top level politician at a complete loss to handle your clear line of argument. Most impressive.
    Glad to have joined this tribe

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    • I have to say I think EC let herself get flustered. It’s a shame as she was beginning to build a counter argument and for the want of a peer reviewed study to cite it all went rather wrong. I took the point about front line workers and dentists and will do my due diligence. That is because of the debate. This is what debate is for.

      • Agreed Charlie, she got flustered. Maybe out of practice with real journalism, expecting soft ball and found Richie staunchly resisting her.

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    Transgender Doctor To Be Biden's Assistant Health Secretary

    Incoming US President Joe Biden has chosen Rachel Levine as his assistant secretary of health. Levine would be the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the US Senate. Levine previously coordinated Pennsylvania's Covid-19 response and created...

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    • At first I thought she used to be in the dick Emery show, then I realised it was little Britain.

    • Happy web site day BBG 😀

    • Who is the lucky one?

    • One for the wank bank! I wonder how many are secretly transgender in the world of celebrity, the media, politics etc. ‘First openly transgender’ does imply that there are ‘secretly transgender’ (AOC?). That’s one rabbit hole that you can’t really go down on YouTube any more, they culled all those videos a while back, I’m not saying I endorse any of that stuff either, not that it matters 🙂

    • Richie can’t say it, so I will. Rachel Levine is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen.

    • Sorry but, time to be ‘oxymoronic’.

      *(ŏk′sē-môr′ŏn′) n. pl. ox·y·mo·rons or ox·y·mo·ra (-môr′ə) A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.*

      Reading the story, It was blatantly obvious that Dr. Levine, the new Ass. secretary, “created Penn State Hershey Medical Center’s….disorders..”.
      Can anyone see the *Hershey Bar* connection?
      One might answer which one?
      I wonder what type ya’ get if ya’ order a hershey chocolate bar now in the Usa.

      Then of course the Peter Buttigieg and south bend.
      And not to forget, Department of Transportation.
      Peter(Am.English for *willy*).
      Butt-gig. Oh sorry, it’s Buttgieg.
      Bending South.
      Perhaps the *Coming and Going deep-part with a mint* will transport us into the Future when the Orwellian *Newspeak* becomes Law.

      “The brave new world of….“.
      A Faustian 1984 Brave New World for sure.

      I for one will do everything in my power to stop this madness.

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