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Calm down dear, its only a genocide. Surely a good hard public birching and then keel hauled all the way to Buvet Island is sufficient?

Personally I found this article didn't go far enough. Clearly the person in question here is a "muggy cunt". This distinction from common-ore-garden ones is pivotal. Sorry for the pedantry but we have to have standards.

This is the website of the Stiftung Corona Ausschuss (Foundation Coronavirus Committee) There are 53 meetings documented here. Sadly no translations to Hingerlish, but I would suggest viewing the interview with Dr.Stückelberger (ex WHO). Per the forum on the UK Column :

Well you'd have to agree this is a far more elaborate, and expensive hoax than O'Bernicia. For example he has been interviewing medial experts, ex WHO employees and pharmaceutical industry insiders. He does not claim to be taking the WHO or the CDC to court, so I can confirm your...

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Israel Is The Fourth Reich View Comment
  • @suityou01
  • May 12, 2021

Gaza is occupied territory. According to the UN this gives Gaza to right to armed defence. Make no mistake, the Saudis just pivoted towards the Muslim brotherhood. This may well mean Israel could get twatted by Iran and its allies soon. Now that would be biblical!

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