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    Nutter Given Chair To Help Arm Cramp After Gluing His Hand To Petrol Pump

    An eco-warrior glued his hand to a pump at a petrol station in Kent this morning. He complained of arm cramp and requested a seat to help ease the pain. Astonishingly, someone supplied the little prick with a chair. According...

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    • So the little shit was breathing in petrol fumes all morning. Might have done the virtue signalling little twot some serious brain damage but then again how could you tell?.
      And I disagree about the radicalisation, I’ve got underwear more radical than this prick.

    • While Nathan is stuck someone should glue the facts that we produce 4% of the 0.04% Co2 present in our atmosphere to his forehead.

    • These fucking lunatics are playing right into hands of these orwellian nutcases. Soon people will be begging for new legislations and police powers to deal with these idiots.

    • OMG when I was young I use to look up to eco-warriors and crusties. LOL some from my teens who were older are now on my FB and they are the types that have ‘thank you NHS’ and ‘I’ve had my Covid Jab’ avatars. It’s mental how people who think they’re against the system unknowingly love the system.

    • Anything for attention in a world full of brain dead fame hounds.

    • Nathan will help make people who already have too much money make even more out of him and us, papers, media, police, criminal courts, legal system all making something except Nathan or us. Good job Nathan keep making them richer so they can continue to remove whole mountains for more copper and gold. So they can keep pumping radioactive waste into the pacific ocean. So they can keep pumping any waste into the ocean and get rid of their fluoride wast into your water supply, drink the fluoride Nathan, come on, save the fertiliser industry.

    • Yuval Harari says I am a useless human because I don’t want AI implants. Life is a gift from God and he demeans our very existence by calling us useless. God didn’t say that a person needed to have some grand contribution to be a worthwhile human.

    • As I recall it was one of these folk who, on JHB’s TalkRadio show, used oil contamination in Ecuador’s rivers as a ‘gotcha’ argument – as if the oil climbed up out of the ground and threw itself it the river.
      They are an amusingly ignorant lot really (from afar at least). They talk about ‘saving the planet’ or ‘saving the climate’ or ‘saving the environment’, but are more than happy to ignore the fact that oil is a natural mineral resource; to ignore the fact that their comfortable lives (and the digital revolution) are entirely dependant on oil; to ignore the fact that they are promoting the use of toxic, and very often synthetic, chemicals; to be seemingly ignorant to the fact that waging a war on viruses and bacterias is, effectively, waging a war on the bottom of the natural food chain; to ignore the fact that almost everything they use, own, and eat, or live in is directly or indirectly possible only through oil usage; to ignore the fact the the Sustainability Agenda is nothing more that a Profit and Control Agenda; to ignore the fact that heat rises (meaning that 99.9% of the oceans can only be warmed by volcanic vents from beneath); to ignore the fact that everything that burns or decomposes on a carbon based world releases CO2 (among others); to ignore the fact that every animal, including humans, expels CO2 with every breath; to ignore the fact that less CO2 means less plants, which means less oxygen for animals and humans causing, eventually, ill health and death; and to ignore the fact that they have almost exactly the same mindset as superstitious primitive humans who believed that prayer and sacrifices could affect the natural forces of our world.
      And poor Nathan probably failed to recognise the irony of his discomfort being alleviated by a mass manufactured chair that was only there for him thanks to the very mineral that he is protesting against.

      But, hey, why allow facts to get in the way of belief and deep neurosis?

    • Nathan doesn’t need locking up. He needs stripping naked, deprived of all his gadgets and luxuries, and dropped in the middle of the Amazon.
      It would be the near perfect education.


    • Well,they gave the chap a swivel chair,so he should swivel 180 degrees and fuck off.

    • A chair almost certainly made from oil based plastics… oh the wonderful irony.

      • Excellent article, thank you. I’ve downloaded the video to watch later. The globalists’ greed has destroyed the world economy and I think he’s absolutely right that one of the main reasons for what they are doing is to cover that up.

        • It could be argued that what they have been doing is centralising control of wealth so that, in the future, it can be better managed.
          We are living through the upheaval that this inevitably causes and that tends to narrow our focus, but it is certain that we do not have all the information or see the whole picture.
          We all thought that we would be seeing extensive lockdowns again this winter, but we were wrong. What else could we be wrong about?

    • Honestly what a generation of idiots. I do feel for them 🙁

      • I was one of the people who thought perhaps he was a bit crazy back in the day but came to realise later that he was just way ahead of his time and could see things most people couldn’t. I hope he has a happy birthday, he deserves it.

        • Hi Jennie, thanks for your reply’s. I replied to your private message earlier. Started getting into conspiracy stuff, shortly after David did. Before i knew who he was. Though not in detail, as a lot of things i saw coming and believed intuitively. Read some of his early stuff. Believed it all, except the reptilians. Which have now changed my mind on. Didn’t really get into his work again until covid.

          • Yes I think there is something in the reptilian narrative. There are a surprising number of people from all sorts of backgrounds who have had encounters of this kind. I can’t honestly see any reason why they would lie about it.

          • Regardless of what you think of David Ickes musings the way that that combover prick Wogan treated him was abysmal.
            I remember it well. I was irate at the way Wogan used the audience to laugh at him.
            At that time I thought DI was mentally unwell with the purple breeks and the lizards and shit. I felt sorry for him. I thought he’d lost the plot but I despised Wogan for making a laughing stock out of him.
            Isn’t it funny where life and knowledges /experiences lead you.
            I occasionally listen to both David and Gareth Ike now.

    • Thursdays Richie show. Its interesting yet hardly surprising, that whilst certain politicians are trying to show they care about the elderly. By discussing the transferring of hospital patients into the care homes 2 years ago. What should be the bigger story of the Midazolam killings, doesn’t get a mention. Is completely ignored as if it never happened.

      I believe that this policy was deliberate and done in order to spread any genuine infections that patients may have had. But whilst this policy will have contributed to the deaths, it cant compare to the Midazolam horror. The documentary ‘ A good death ? ‘ that reports on this shameful extermination of the elderly, can now be found on Bitchute. I find it hard to believe that those calling for examination of the transfer policy, have absolutely no knowledge of what happened with Midazolam.

      The death statistics show spikes early into the covid scam. Which has been used to create the impression of excess deaths. Which there should have been if covid was a new virus. But its much more likely that it was the deliberate extermination of the elderly, through the transfer policy and Midazolam poisoning. That created the impression of the covid first wave. For even if there were spikes in deaths around March, April 2020. People should not forget that, ” All cause mortality deaths” for the year were about average, as were funerals. Not just in the U.K. But all around the globe. This inconvenient truth, is conveniently ignored, as is Midazolam. Whilst attention is drawn to convenient early death spikes.

      Its almost as if the whole thing was planned.

      Its very disturbing the news that the first guest reported on, about the planned changes to the school curriculum. The arguments for why this should go ahead, just dont add up.

      Earlier in the week, i saw the story of ” The Family Sex Show ”. Which concerns a theater group doing a sex education performance. The show is being shown to children as young as 5 years old and contains explanations of sexually explicit language and also contains nudity.

      I believe that this move towards talking about sex to those so young. Is part of the same agenda, that is intent on breaking down gender into smaller and smaller categories. Though some may find it far fetched, i believe the real reasons behind these policy’s. Are to destabilize and break down the family unit. As the future planned is one of transhumanism, where male and female no longer exist. Confusing gender is the first step to fusing gender. And the family has no place in the slave state that is planned.

      The state via the education system are being given more and more control over our children, and the minds of the young. Which is why teachers are being encouraged to not discus things with parents. Whether its the sexualization of children, or fake science about peoples gender or man made climate change. Schools and university’s are now little more than indoctrination centers. Where the agenda of the hidden hand, is handed down to puppet governments. Who then use teachers and professors to impart this wisdom to those in their care. The primary purpose of the modern education system is to churn out obedient believers in the cause. These centers are where children and young adults are taught not to think for themselves but what to think.

      Only by breaking the belief and trust of the parents in the system. Can there be any hope in saving the minds of the young. For if parents remain in the dark as to how the world really is. They will just continue to be part of the problem.

      { U.K Column news on the 24th of April, discusses the Family sex show and related topics in some depth. }

      • I’ve thought for some time that they are trying to gradually inch their way closer to legalising paedophilia. They want to develop the young as both sex slaves and technocratic slaves. The older generation they just want to see the back of as soon as possible.

    • Shame Mr Magoo didn’t try filling the wrong hole with unleaded. (to our American friends – I do not mean a rubber bullet, lol )

    • Good to see you back Fox 👋🏻

      • Thanks Joe , How you doing?

        • Not too shabby 😁. How’s things with you?

          • Hi Joe, Surviving but getting shabbier by the day. Still trying to find the time to trim my beard. Got my friend coming over later to watch a film. And just gonna make a brew. Speak soon.

            • Don’t worry too much about the beard. They’re all the rage these days 😁. Enjoy your evening with your friend. Speak soon.

              • He was a no show unfortunately. Gonna have a nice brew and a chocolate éclair. And put a film on solo style.

                • Oh no. Sorry to hear that. Hope you enjoyed your night regardless.

                  • Same old , same old. I watched that new Tom Hanks sci fi film, Hitch. Where he is alone after a solar flare has wiped out the Earth. With a robot and a dog. Thought it was pretty good. Pleased that it didn’t say it was down to global warming nonsense. Just thinking of popping to the shop.

                    • It actually wasn’t down to global warming?! Wow!! They missed an opportunity there 😳😄. I’ll put it on my list of things to watch. That site you shared with me (I’m presuming you watched on there?) is great. I watched The Outsiders on there recently. Brilliant film.

    • Nathan’s little protest could have been brought to an ubrupt halt through the application of a classic classroom trick.
      All it required was someone wheeling out that chair to him and then when he went to sit down, pull the chair away.
      The sudden lack of anything to take his weight would have instantly disconnected his hand from the pump. From that point on I guarantee Nathan would have been more concerned about his backside and, especially, his hand than he would have been continuing his protest.
      And all that would have happened because he trusted one person. Imagine how much more harm he is doing to himself and others by trusting institutions.
      I’d call that a valuable lesson.

    • The connection has been pretty good on the iPad. I had been watching on that but connected it to the tv so I could watch on a bigger screen. I did see the original V series when it first came out. I think I was around 8 years old. Scared the crap out of me. I watched it again recently too and 35+ years later, it still scared the crap out of me 😳😄. The remake was ok, but in my honest opinion the originals are always the best.

  • Good morning to all you lovely people. Earbuds in listening to Richie~makes prepping Sunday lunch far more bareable. Thankyou 🤗

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  • The Great cricketer Shane Wane have died May his soul rest in piece but its abit suspect he died from an heart attack presumably.

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