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Teweetie Pie is still in shock. He tawt he taw a puddy tat

This 100 day figure is what Fauci (NIH) was saying he wanted in October 2019 at the Milken Institute.

The person that should be center stage on any Nuremberg Code court room and scaffold is Dr Andrew Hill who threw the drug Ivermectin into the long grass on the sayso of his paymasters Unitaid a year ago. Dr Tess Lawrie puts out and "Open letter to Dr Andrew Hill"...

Has anyone seen this website? This nanotech company backed by DARPA can put biosensors inside your body to detect changes in your body, heart rate, blood pressure, if you've fallen over etc...but it can also sense if you're lying just like a polygraph test. Imagine if this was linked to...

You that saying "If it doesn't make sense, it's making dollars" Well with the mask mandates in schools it has been found out in the US that in order for schools and colleges to qualify for $billions in federal funding they have to have a mask protocol and show...

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