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Well he needn’t worry about hate crimes (nor their impact on police resources) for too long. The impending rollout of social crediting (coming soon to the UK) will soon ensure that anyone with thoughts and opinions that go against the grain of the ‘official narrative’ will be punished with the...

Nice to see pig f*cker Cameron still has his snout firmly in the trough 6 years after doing a runner as Prime Minister; £1.3bn over a period of 10 years for his NCS scheme, nice little earner for some. One thing is for certain, if I had teenage children of...

£136bn spending on the NHS in 2021/22 (Source: Kings Fund) and this is what we get in return. Where is all the money going, because it’s evidently not going on the maintenance of their infrastructure!

Politicians watching Tug TV, who’d have thought it? I’m sure behaviour like this in parliament is just the mere tip of the iceberg.

And I also have it on good authority that Icke’s dance partner will be none other than Sonia Poulton 😆

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