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Long covid is another mind trick. A mate's daughter "has it" in the UK. I think she had flu, and after that it was a mind trick. I'm not in the UK, but where I am the whole narrative is ridiculous, fucking laughable. But as we all know, the people behind the UK...

This is well worth a watch too. Dr Paul Marick. A doctor I'd never heard of, with more letters after his name than the Chinese alphabet. Dropping big bombs. The lady interviewing him is both on the pulse and proper beautiful.

Reiner Fuellmich brings it all together in a few paragraphs. I know you thought he was a false prophet from the start Richie mate, but he fucking nailed it yesterday. A brief history of the covid scam

Exactly, it's just BBC light.

GB News is a shit, transparent, embarrassing piece of laughable propaganda. Brought to you courtesy of the desperate and weak cnuts residing in the sold out Judas 77th.

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