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    • True, though it may end being more of a marketing ploy to boost vaccine uptake rather than an actual thing. It can’t work on the vaccine alone because they don’t stop infection or transmission. So either immunity or negative test would be more beneficial (please note I don’t buy the scamdemic at all but let’s work in their fictitious reality for the moment). Not sure about the test for immunity, but if the negative test for de passport was lateral flow, then like for NHS staff, you just take the thing out of the box and upload the number with a negative result. No actual contact with your body required. Also I wonder what the legal recourse might be. So (in unreality land) I’ve had my vaccine, had my negative test, got my certificate, go to an event where every one has to prove they are “safe” and then get sick with COVID, can I sue the premises, or the organiser or the government for not protecting me?.

      • Nice idea, that last bit. But we both know it won’t happen. What is more likely is that some individual (or small number of individuals) will be ‘exposed’ as having faked certification to get into an event. They will take all the blame and events will get shut down for ‘safety’ reasons until a more secure means of proof can be created. This is, of course, just speculation.

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