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    • An investigation was launched at the end of last year about the spike in prenatal and neonatal deaths in Scotland.
      There had been 2 noticeable spikes throughout the year.
      I remember Sturgeon earnestly presenting herself before her adoring masses and promising there was no connection with covid (Obviously. There was no mention of injections of course) and a full investigation would take place.
      Maybe I have missed it but I don’t recall seeing any published outcome from an investigation.
      Fast forward to May this year and a second investigation into same has been launched.
      What’s the point?
      I’m sure they already have their conclusions already typed up ready for print or they’ll drag it out in the hope that people will forget it was announced.
      Babies are dying. That’s irrefutable
      Imo babies are dying by design because of the injections their mothers are taking

      • And yet places like the CDC and NHS continue to promote the vaccines for pregnant mothers.

        • Liquidation? ….Yuval Noah Harari says, “Most humans will become economically useless and politically powerless… we are beginning to see a new class of humans… The Useless Class”….imo again eradicate them before they become an issue.

          • That’s okay. I have no time for classes – only individuals. Marx, in my opinion, was just another intellectual seeking to make a name for himself by stirring up grievances through simplistic correlative arguments.

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