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    1 month, 1 week ago

    Lyres, Lizards or just Bastards.?

    In this fascinating broadcast filmed last Friday from the new purple bunker. David puts the case. Should those that have trusted his other information over the years, not trust him in this, and believe that he has put the same diligent research into the subject.? Is it right for him to keep quite about this and ignore, if he believes it to be true and relevant to current events.?

    Reptilian ‘Gods’ And Current Events – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast – David Icke

    And why is it, that every action and policy carried out by the powers that be. Is counter productive to us as human beings. For example, face masks making it harder for us to breath oxygen, likewise cutting down trees that we need to breath. Electro magnetic radiation and the harm that the frequencies cause. Poison jabs and now the targeting of our water and food supply.?

    Why is it that everything seems on close examination to be inhuman. Could it be, that the inner core of those carrying out this agenda, are in fact not human.?

    As mentioned by David ,the Royals have interbred throughout history to keep there bloodlines pure. But what he has not mentioned here, is that other family’s have also gone to great lengths to do the same. It is also noticeable that many of the usual suspects have the same unusual blood group, known as Reece negative. For anyone interested in this last point, further information is available, via your chosen Magical information device.

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