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  • I am struggling to get the show. On my virgin network

  • Just got this on my phone today.
    NHS: You are now eligible to get your Covid Pass; Please register at
    So the f..kers are still going ahead full steam

  • The Great cricketer Shane Wane have died May his soul rest in piece but its abit suspect he died from an heart attack presumably.

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  • Afcon 2021: Gabon’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang out of game against Ghana with ‘heart lesions Ex-Southampton midfielder Mario Lemina, now at Nice, and forward Axel Meye have been ruled out for the same reason

  • I am not a Boris supporter but have you seen the shit he’s been getting since he refused to lock the country down after Christmas. Fuck me, of all the thing he as done he is going get done for a party during the lock down I wonder who took the pictures 😒😏

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