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    11 months ago

    Kudos to Richie for having Kate on his show today, so she could respond to his ignorant attacks on her yesterday. Kate’s a real trouper, she’s certainly done as much as Richie for the cause, since the corona hoax started. He shouldn’t have referred to her as “people like you”, very disrespectful, and he shouldn’t have stooped so low, by bringing up her son’s views, that’s a despicable mainstream tactic. Still, Richie I hope is wiser now and he did have the good manners to apologise to Kate for calling her a nutter. Richie should ponder why people like David Icke, Gareth Icke, Piers Corbyn, Andrew Kaufman, Jaclyn Dunne, Vernon Coleman, David Kurten, Reiner Fuellmich and others had no problems sharing a platform with Kate. Something he said he would never do yesterday.

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    • I agree with all you say and am pleased Richie apologised to her. She came across as a thoroughly decent human being who is eloquent and is concerned about this situation we’re all in.

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