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    "Vaccine Passports Are Un-British" - Rees-Mogg

    Jacob Rees-Mogg has been pretty quiet these past 18 months. The leader of the commons has had very little to say as his government has ridden roughshod over civil liberties and human rights. Yesterday however, Rees-Mogg declared vaccine passports...

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    • These hopeless so called rebel MP’s have all left it rather late in the day to suddenly get cold feet and become squeamish. Have they been living under a rock for the last 18 months. Those 650 clots are the real useless feeders.

      • Mark, this is all part of the Westminster Waltz I’m afraid. These people are literally actors; no coincidence then, that many of them have law degrees and are or were advocates. Reece-sMogg is among the worst of these parasites. Why doesn’t he just foxtrot oscar back to his hedge fund and leave us all alone?

        • Probably because he enjoys rubbing everyone’s noses in it. He can sneer out of the window of his 1968 classic Bentley as he drives into work through Parliament Square 😡 😡

          • Whilst being exempt from the congestion charge no doubt. Interestingly, I’m re-listening to to Richie’s Thursday interview with Mark Windows; of the many things that were discussed were that the people behind this global fear campaign have lost patience and doubled down on their measures. I’m quite encouraged by that fact and really think that like in Martians in War of the Worlds these psychopaths are bought down by something they hadn’t accounted for.

    • Not one Tory MP has resigned over this whole debacle. They are a disgrace, even Sir Charles Walker still advocates the poison. They and the rest of Parliament need to go. Makes you wonder if Guy Fawkes was actually a good guy……

      • Its probably fair to say, that anybody trying to burn out the vipers pit, at whatever point in history, is a good guy, best not to expect any heroes to emerge from the ruling establishment, they are all crooked as a dogs back leg

    • Not a hope of Mogg resigning, his whole act is the stiff upper lip ‘We are British’. In reality though, he is a career politician. He will want to go higher, PM even. So he will have to be a good boy and do what he is told in the end.

    • Guy Fawkes- the only person to enter parliament with honest intentions.

    • Saw a tweet by Piers Morgan- about being sick with the flu or COVID for 18 days now- but thinks that this is normal and that he would have been sicker without the ‘vaccine’.
      A friend of mine who had taken the injections recently got sick- still ill after 4 weeks. But she was not tested for COVID- doctor assumed it was flu and so she was sent home- but went on a short holiday first!

      • i do wonder as life is like it is, if piers morgan after boasting about taking the jab and shaming others finds he has a nasty slip up, afterall, life finds a way to cause issues.

    • His father was named in the R.A.I.N.S. list. On the face of it he is a devout catholic, family man with 5 or 6 kids I believe, would not trust the speccy bastard as far as I could throw him.

    • Who ? what’s mogg got to do with bmw

    • This should bring a smile on the Irish faces here- just have a good laugh- from a friend of mine who generates the Irish Megaphone site.

      • This wasn’t comedy, it was documentary footage. It was hilarious and so spot on. Thank you for sharing, I’ll check out more of their videos.

        • he has done two others- I always find them funny.Sometimes you have to laugh.

    • Rees-Mogg could have been outspoken about human and British Citizen rights throughout this ‘pandemic’ but has chosen now to voice a concern… With Johnson’s approval rating slipping Rees-Mogg is positioning himself for a, come the right time, a leadership bid. These reptiles only do or say shit if it is of benefit to them… I really do not want to be in a position where I am having to appreciate the noises being made by such individuals. So I won’t allow that. Rees-Mogg is being his self serving self here.

    • Ancient freedoms? Ones like Magna Carta these roughshod treasonous squatters are pretending dont aplly to them? Hmmm maybe its time for full on Lawful Rebellion, already enacted, Donkey arse of laws aeons ago, to get practical with its equally pointless, yet magical owned, couch throned spell! Just to Quell, the very real uprising, that gives not a jotted or jabbed I, or Thee, unto this theatres, tragic curtains callings, endings, screamed, reveal!

  • The interview with Kate Shemirani was one of the most appalling. Constant interruption by Richie who had no curiosity at all to really understand but to just put his guest down at every turn. What she said was absolutely relevant to the current tyranny, she is passionate, driven, compassionate and her endless patience with Richie was…Read More

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    • I think she held her own very well, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter because his is not about individuals.

    • His uninformed criticism of Kate the day before was worse. Kudos to Richie for having Kate on his show the following day to defend herself. I don’t know what possessed Richie to pick on Kate, he might as well have picked on Vernon Coleman or David Icke, who are also critical of the jabbers and talked of possible Nuremberg 2.0 retribution.

  • What do we have here? Reassurance of safety? Not a chance.

    What you need to know about Johnson & Johnson’s COVID Vaccine

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  • The tests used in my workplace….no thanks!

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  • I am 54 and I am currently existing in wales, my pursuit for the so called truth began approximately 35 years ago following the defeat of the miners at the hands of the then tyrant thatcher, I learned the truth surrounding that pantomime which encouraged me to continue up and down every conceivable rabbit hole, which brings me to today witnessing…Read More

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