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    4 months, 1 week ago

    I’m wonder how many of you lovely folks watch Jackie’s film about Midazolam and what you’re thoughts are on it?
    Fantastic documentary imo.
    It certainly made me think of my mum.
    My mum passed inSeptember 2020. 25th to be exact. Dad had been in all day with her as usual. When he left in the late evening they told him that she might not have long. By the time he got back home to Musselburgh, from Edinburgh, 30 minutes maxshe was dead. He got the phone call as soon as he’d walked in his front door.
    Mum had got up herself to go to the loo that evening. She was compos mentos. In pain, drugged up against it but still communicable.
    I wish now I had attention and documented what was being put into her drivers.
    It did strike odd at the time that it was in a sealed box but I thought it was to do with hygiene 😢

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