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Any medical professional that would ask such a dumb question demonstrates they have come from the mind control school of medicine (propaganda education) and should be struck off. Who in their right minds would go along with this nonsense?

I see critical thinking is totally lacking again! Eat more plants = less plants to absorb CO2! - just saying Don't forget when they say "a zero carbon target", they actually mean depopulation because we are all carbon life forms after all - just saying!

Just to put things in perspective: Sainsbury’s CEO Simon Roberts gets paid £1.32 million (in 2021) Sainsbury’s CFO Kevin O’Byrne gets paid £2.32 million (in 2021) Now that's what I call a REAL living wage!!!!

Well, I was thinking, I have always thought that the government waste so much money (our tax payments) and pocket money to their friends/themselves with all these corrupt contracts. Would this be a thought crime? - can't think that "thinking" something is worse than actually doing a crime! Why aren't the...

In fact I could get someone from the Pirate Chain community to talk to Richie if he's interested - Richie just needs to e-mail me and I'll get someone to get in touch with him to arrange something.

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