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My late brother died in a care home in South Wales of “Covid “( on the death certificate!!) in April 2020..he was aged 69..I was told that 2/3 of the elderly (approx 40 people) died during March to April 2020 in that one home! There is still a big...

Wondered if this scene was orchestrated by RABA ..royal academy of bad actors!!!

I recently had a surveyor to visit my house wearing a mask. I asked him to remove it as he was scaring me and my cat. He said he couldn’t cos it was company policy. I said sorry but you will have to leave my property. He was p’d...

Hi Richie Could you play a request for me and all of us who are marching to a different beat and banging a different drum! . “ They don’t own me “ by the great Richard Ashcroft

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