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From Thanks to the efforts of a group called Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, we now have smoking gun confidential documents that show Pfizer and the FDA knew in early 2021 that pfizer’s mRNA vaccines were killing thousands of people and causing spontaneous abortions while damaging three times more women... have to see this video...shit is going to hit the fan in America.... Biden has bitten off more than he can handle...

Yeah BBG, Good on him...but there is far more to this than just a propaganda event....checkout Miles Johnson's interview with.... I am glad that I survived my infection, but the side effects can be very long term....

Hey BBG, well I saw this stray video on Bit Chute, the guy had some great info about Charles Lieber, he was arrested a couple of weeks ago on suspicion of sharing corporate secrets with a Lab in Wuhan....just search his name it will come up... The crimes he...

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