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As an immunosuppressed person (Crohn's). I expect nothing from anyone. In fact given that I have researched the virus and it's case fatality rate I am perfectly comfortable with no masks or social distancing. I still won't wear a mask. Nor take the shot. Most likely if I got...

Well said, fair play to him. Now we just need every member of the Garda, Defense, business community and civilians to do the same. This is make or break time.

You know where this is going right? Winter is coming and the vaccines are going to cause untold carnage. It's going to be a variant and we'll be blamed as apparently we're variant factories. Personally I've taken to psychedelics. Everything makes more sense there. The total lack of logic...

I sent my Normie friends an article saying there has been Zero cases of flu in the entire UK this year.......crickets. They're reaction to the Garda beating the living snot out of anyone they could reach on Grafton Street last week "Mill the silly C*#ts". This whole covid thing had been...

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