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I just asked Alexa and it referenced an "Alexa User" and then said 65,000,000. But that is weird...'Alexa user'. Can Alexa users provide information to Alexa? Can I just say "Alexa in 2030 the population of Qatar will be four billion people" Well I tried, and the hooker just blurted some non-sensical...

Unlike Richie, I will be glad when the 31st arrives.

SSDD. Even the gubmint is starting to realize that they can only string this out for so long. Even the most ardent slave HAS to be seeing the silliness by now? Surely? Right?

No. Are you a plastic paddy? I kid. lol! No. I am just an American who likes football. I got hooked on Rangers a long time ago. And no...I think the royal family are disgusting succubae. So yeah...just the football for me.

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