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His new name - James Yo'Wanker! 😁🤣🤗😁🤣🤗

Hi Just listened to Richie's (emotional) experience during his last days in Spain and how the fukers at the radio station in london treated him where he went for the interview. Whilst that no-mark c*nt who treated Richie in a horrible way (probably disliked by many in that office) I...

Its not Richie. Seems to be a malfunction on the website. I posted something earlier it showed up for a few seconds and then disappeared.

PHE England who are running the mental asylum in the UK at the moment have ordered England players Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell will need to self isolate till next Monday after they were seen hugging, licking and drowning one another with their bodily fluids by sticking their tongues...

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