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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    200,000 NHS Staff Are Refusing To Have a Jab. What Do They Know?

    The UK media is reporting this morning that as many as 200,000 staff working in the National health Service have refused a jab or have indicated that they will not take one. Rather than try to ascertain why so may...

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    • Just under a fifth of all NHS staff is nothing to be sniffed at, and it puts them in a strong position if they chose to exercise it.
      However, as we all know the general public do seem to be easily led. Masses of NHS staff resigning from their posts will not be reported as a consequence of the infringement of their rights, but rather as a measure of their selfishness; and, of course, the shortfall will have to be met with willing agency staff (read, ‘private company staff’), thus further selling the public the idea of a fully privatised NHS.

      • How much of each £ allocated to the NHS actually goes to patient care? How much goes to the massive overhead, which adds little to nothing – oftentimes subtracting from that care?

        Further, the NHS will never be able to overcome this 1/5 smart, healthy reticence. It doesn’t matter how much the British press berates them.

        • How else would the consultants get paid Wes? Like a great many noble ideas; the NHS has been pimped by manipulative psychopaths with law degrees. The one upside to this story is that the ‘cracks are beginning to show’ in an already wobbly MSM/ NWO/ government narrative.

          • I’m simply pointing out the Pareto principle. The so-called 80/20 rule where the latter number does most of the work while the 80% are hangers on.

            • Hi Wes. I heard Jordan Petersen explain the Pareto principle and it occurred to me that the “20%” would be a bunch of order takers blindly fulfilling the wishes of the pyramid. That sems to be how we got put in this mess. Great point, we could save billions on healthcare by living on what is good for humans, not corporations. Alas, here we are. The answer seems to me to always be the same, if you don’t have a plan for yourself, someone else does. Best Wishes to you and yours.

            • Thank you Wes; it sounds as if you’ve reinforced the point made by my post. The true beneficiaries are about 2% in reality; in saying that I’m referring to board members of the Big Pharma, supply chain and logistics companies stepping in and filling the vacuum created by the so called ‘reset’.

              • I don’t know if the Pareto Principle is natural law, but it seems so to me. 1 out 5 people you know are actually meritorious. They’re doers, makers, thinkers. To some degree. (I don’t mean to sound harsh or elitist, mind you.)

                But you’re dead right, pun intended in this Frankenjab context. The 20% have been harnessed to do the .001% bidding. The rest are simply cheerleaders or herd animals.

            • As all the motivational speakers keep saying, 2% of the population succeed because of specific mindsets. This 2% includes all the billionaires, CEOs, high earning singers, actors, directors, authors, etc.
              From their perspective, the rest of us are the hangers-on; and, from a certain point of view, they would be correct.

    • An oul Scallywag huh!!

      He was ‘chosen’ for his name!!


      • 10/10

      • As much as we may all think it, calling people names is not going to win anyone over. It didn’t win over any Trump supporters; it didn’t win over any Brexit supporters; and it’s not going to win over any Covid supporters.

      • Absolutely. The Murdoch-owned press are heavily behind this evil agenda which should be totally exposed for the crime against humanity that it so clearly is. Pitting families against each other as they pointlessly squabble over ridiculous nonsense like masks and jabs which will do nothing to protect your ‘health’. The whole fraud should be exposed and those behind it hung out to dry. All about money and power using the invisible enemy of the virus to enact tyranny on the world. A few ageing megalomaniacs behind the agenda wanting to leave their ‘mark’ on the world. They know who they are and how they’ve exploited the greed and lust for power of their puppets in politics, media, medicine etc to enact their tyranny.

    • The next time Piers Morgan, James O’Brien or any other media hack berates nurses or care staff for not having the jab and suggests they should not be allowed to work, someone should ask them if they would be willing to take a massive paycut to step into the breach.

      • Piers Morgan has apparently been calling for much tougher lockdowns and yet a few weeks ago he packed off for a holiday in the West Indies and nothing was said or done. They get certain privileges for pushing the establishment narrative and they care nothing for the mass of humanity.

    • There has never before been a successful vaccine for a coronavirus. Also, it’s not a vaccine in the medical definition of the term. The PCR test is a fraud. The nasal swab is a violation of bodily integrity and it is scandalous that children and even babies are subjected to this abuse for absolutely no good reason. The death rate over the period of the alleged pandemic was within normal rates. What happened to flu? Are we expected to believe it miraculously disappeared? How can recipients of an injection give informed consent when they are being lied to? What is happening is a crime against humanity. Bull Gates should be exposed for the dangerous fraud that he is – a snake-oil salesman dressed up as a ‘philanthropist’ who fraternised with sex trafficker Epstein.

      • Well said Jennifer.

        Strange isn’t it, the timing of the launching of the ‘plannedemic’ versus the offing of Epstein…. Now let me think… Who else was ‘high profile’ and is now nowhere to be seen??



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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Morrisons Staff Filmed Asking Disabled Maskless Shopper To Wear Yellow Sticker.

    A video that has gone viral on Twitter, shows a tense exchange between a disabled man and security staff, filmed in a Morrisons supermarket. The man who is shopping, is approached by two security guards and asked to wear...

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    • WoW ! When you think they cant be any more insensitive to human dignity, have any less recollection of history they go and do this. Absolutely I now believe in multiple universes, its the only thing that can explain why im in this hell.

    • Seen this footage yesterday I think it was, to be honest it was not a surprise, was anyone surprised ?, I know several people who do not believe the pandemic hoax, but they wear the mask mostly to avoid confrontation, tried to impress upon them why it was so important not to to wear it, most of it fell upon deaf ears they just cant see it. On the video the guy handled it well, did he say he had a couple of claims or complaints pending, if he has hope he wins them.

    • Hi Christopher. Morrison supermarkets have probably been the worst in the U.K for this type of behaviour, even coming out a couple of months ago and declaring anyone not masked up would be denied entry and they had employed security to enforce this, a lot of hot air in my opinion. Morrisions are basically trying to pull more customers into their shops, they know there are people that do not like the unmasked and would rather not be in the same shop as them, so they think by barking the loudest about the unmasked they might attract these shoppers into their stores, I think it is nothing more than a sales tactic, they know they wont lose masked shoppers the 99% by doing this but might gain new shoppers.

    • I suspect idiots like Hope Not Hate will be waiting in the wings ready to pile on anyone who openly makes the obvious reference.

    • The whole of the massive indoor shopping precinct in Gateshead have been doing this for a while now. Others may be too but I have avoided going in anywhere like that at all cost because I can’t guarantee how I’ll respond to these people. I had to get groceries today, only the second time this year I have had no choice but to enter a shop. I have never and will never comply to any of it but I’ve come home today and feel like fucking crying. It’s like walking around in a zombie apocalypse but at least in a zombie apocalypse it would be acceptable to react in a more satisfying way.

      • It’s all so dystopian and still the sheep can’t or refuse to see it.

      • I know it’s hard Rachel but try not to let it bother you, it’s the people wearing the masks who are the problem. I went into one of my local shops a few weeks ago, never worn a mask since it started, never been asked in that shop, anyway walked in the woman who was working said I had to wear a mask, I said I was exempt, she replied the rules have changed, I told her they had not but she was convinced they had been, known her for years and have a lot of respect for her so I never made a scene and just left, haven’t been back and will not go back until this nightmare ends, if it ever does.

    • Mate you cannot blame security for following you about the shop, you are after all a fox !

    • Cheers Christopher. It’s a spiders web that is going to pull a lot of businesses in and swallow them up this year, been thinking about all the real estate which here in the U.K. will be available for pennies on the pound, one thing you can count on is when people are ruined financially there are people in the shadows making money out of other peoples misery. Bought a book dope inc which covers the opium wars must get round to reading it.

    • Davey Jones locker is where that fecker should be suspended.

    • Here in Ireland they are now leaning on the supermarket chains not to serve people without masks even if they have exemptions. The corruption in this country concerning the pharmaceutical companies relationship with shall we say certain political entities is a disgrace.

      • These monsters will not stop Jennie, the only people who can stop them is the people whatever that takes.

    • Sadly Ireland is not what it was even a few years ago. The government and bureaucracy are trying to destroy Irish cullture. It started even before this fake pandemic.

    • Try not to let it bother you, I have never been challenged by any customers in any shop, I think most of the maskers not all but a good majority are cowards who have not got the courage to not wear the mask, even though there is no courage needed just common sense in my opinion, When i go in the supermarket I always make sure I have plenty of chewing gum and walk about blowing bubbles, not in anyone’s face or anything just to annoy them, as you say they are taking us all down with them which annoys me so sod them, before the checkout workers were all masked up I said to one of them why is everyone wearing masks, is there a bug going about, she burst out laughing, not long after they were all masked up, but having talked to some of them I knew they didn’t believe the whole pandemic nonsense, have a lot of sympathy for the shop workers having to wear the muzzle for 8 hours or more. Used to live down the river from docklands, down in Wapping, a great place to live.

    • Yellow depicts cowardice, please make yellow masks compulsory Morrisons.

    • Boycott Morrisons Campaign logo could be a yellow star of David with “Boycott Morrisons” on it on posters close to Morrisons Stores.

    • They didn’t phone the Police because he was not wearing a mask, they phoned the Police because he would not wear a YELLOW STICKER.

    • Was the yellow sticker in the shape of a star by any chance?

      • My 11 year old son who is exempt from mask wearing (and I wouldn’t let him wear it even if he wasn’t) has to wear a ‘special’ badge at his secondary school in Brighton to show he is exempt. I have tried to question it and argue that ‘should we label other kinds of differences in children at the school?!’ but it seems all the other parents are the ‘sheeple’ idiots!
        These are children from 11 years old who are told to wear their mask ALL DAY in school not just in the corridors like some schools, all 6 hours of the day!
        I’ve told him he’s not to wear the badge, but the school are so twisted he kept getting asked ‘where is your badge?’ So he puts it in his pocket to shut them up. One teacher threatens ‘behaviour points’ for not wearing it which lead to detentions.
        I can’t believe what’s happened to the world makes me so sad and intensifies my depression and anxiety to the point I can’t see the point in being alive. CURRENTLY WE ARE ALL ALIVE BUT NOT LIVING!!

        • It’s abuse pure and simple dressed up as health and safety, any parent that goes along with this needs their head examined, do they teachers have to wear a mask.

          • Yes apparently teachers wear them, but are permitted to lower them to explain the lesson brief.
            My son being maskless is a very very small minority at school- it’s crazy that most parents are either thinking it’s a good idea or too stupid so they go along with it.

            • I put a link about masks in the schools in Sweden on the article about rocco forte on the homepage on this website, if you click on it scroll down it’s on the page on the right hand side. Because this article is 2 days old nobody will see it you should repost it on a article Richie puts up on the day, all the best.

          • When a teacher asked him where his ‘special exempt badge’ was when he was in his PE kit, he explained that as it has a sharp metal pin it probably wasn’t a good idea to wear it for the PE rugby lesson!

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    Richie Allen wrote a new post

    Irish Doctor To Fight Government Over Refusal To Give Covid Vaccine

    County Limerick based GP Dr. Pat Morrissey has refused to deliver coronavirus vaccines to patients and has defiantly stated that he will go to court to head off any attempts to remove him. Dr. Morrissey doesn't support the Irish...

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    • Yep. Saw a really great interview by the ‘the healthy debate’ with Ivor Cummins and Dolores Cahill today. Irish leading the charge against disinformation.👍

    • all my respect to you doctor

    • What a thoroughly decent human being. Wish he was my doctor.

      • Hi Kathy, hope your husband is feeling okay after his jab.

        • Yes he’s fine. I went with him so I could drive him back home. I’m more concerned about the second one. I spoke to him this morning about it but he’ll still go ahead. I feel I have to pass certain information to him although it falls on deaf ears. These idiots that have the jab say they feel fine when they’ve had it but never think beyond that.

          • After watching vaxxed a few years ago and other stuff I have read and watched after that my opinion was even before this started was vaccines are nothing more than a money making operation for big pharma. How do we even know they work, why are they injecting babies with these poisons, the U.S. government has paid out 4.5 billion dollars(it should be hundreds of billions most claims are refused) for something that we are told is perfectly safe, utter lies, good to hear your husband is fine.

    • Really busy packing for my cruise……….sorry was dreaming lol. Nowt happening apart from chores sadly.

    • Alright mate. Had a problem registering, sorted now had to change the username as someone was already using it. Have seen a bit of this doctor and he has my upmost respect for the stance he is making, Make no mistake they will try and destroy him in a working capacity, hope he stands strong and gets as much support as he will surely need. I watched the first vaxxed film by Del Bigtree for the first time in years the other day, even more shocking second time around if that is possible, everyone should watch it, believe there is a follow up vaxxed 2, will get round to watching it, hope all is well.

    • Do you not need to subscribe to Davids website ickonic is it called ?, or is it on his main site. The Georgia Guidestones, yes know about them, probably put there by the same psychos that are behind the covid scam, not sure about this haven’t looked at them for years, the guy that placed the order and paid for the stones, carving and construction used the name I Christian if I remember, that would probably be a in house psycho joke I would have thought. Heard that weirdo yoko ono praising the stones and agreeing with all they say years ago.

      • Sorry for butting in. I receive a regular email from the David Icke website. The Ickonic has a 7 day free trial. I only read or watch he free stuff on David’s page.

        • Cheers Kathy. I will have a look on his website but I think it will probably be on ickonic, If you haven’t seen vaxxed it is worth a watch, heart breaking to see the damage done to these young kids, and the criminal cdc in the U.S. which the fraud fauci now heads knew what the mmr vaxx was doing and they hid their own findings, anyone who thinks vaccines are harmless must watch this film

          • It says page not found Martin.

            • Kathy, if you click on the link it will take you to winterwatch, at the top of the page click on videos it will take you to the page scroll down you will see it, not sure why it didn’t go straight to the film but it is still there I just checked, the video might freeze for 10 seconds in a couple of parts but it starts again itself, might be my computer.

    • Good man. My doctor here in Ireland has just given up his practice this month. I don’t actually know if it’s about the vaccine but the timing was interesting.

      I read a report by a scientist who is actually in favour of the vaccine but only after several years of testing. He said, quite rightly, that it makes no sense to give a risky, experimental treatment to healthy people who have little or no chance of becoming ill. He also made the point that the rush is entirely motivated by money.

    • Probably a lot more people out there who know what is happening but for whatever reason do not want to speak out, don’t want to stand out from the herd.

    • That’s very kind but it’s a lost cause. He has read other news other than the msm and has a friend in Australia who is totally against all this bs but he still had the jab. I really have tried with him but it’s exhausting and has caused too many rows. Thank you for your concern Chris. People have been such a support on here and I’m very grateful.

    • I wish he was my doctor he is doing a great job

    • Top Doctor. A true Doctor. Understandably many Drs are overrun and lack time to research these products and they have been suckered by the VAXX company lies, the MHRA that did NOTHING to confirm the trials, which themselves are bordering fraud. The NHRA advrse Yellow Card stats are HORRIFYING and thats discounting 236 additional UK deaths above the 143 listed (as they are lying about those 236 not being VAXX based priming and ADEs Disease Enhancement. A listed side effect. VAERS shows 653 vs 8669 oin 31 yrs of ALL PRIOR VACCINES COMBINEd. Its gonna take about 6 months to beat 31 yrs. WOW!! These jabs MUST BE STOPPED.

    • To think the kind of things his put at stake, his career, the security of a job his future everything he studied for. I completely admire his stance. A Complete Legend! Power To The Truth… Power To The Doctor and His Ilk!!

      Drs/scientists/proffessors/journalists like him are the kind of people who will bring about the change and justice we’re all seeking….. ofcourse with us behind them thru thick and thin no matter how big or small our voices.

      Never Give Up (even tho its bloody hard with all the negativity around us) Stay Strong!!

    • Hi Richie I Hope things your side are getting better! On the matter of Dr Pat Morrissey! Pat is a member of our group called freedom Returned I sent him a message saying that I sent you the clip of him talking to Joe Duffy on liveline! He did reply saying that he would be happy to talk to you ! He is a really nice guy and no BS ! Now I Know that he is inundated and extremely busy! But if you reach out to him again you may get him to come on to your show! Best Regards and keep up the good work. From Martin Brennan in the people’s republic of Cork .

    • Top man Dr. Pat Morrissey.

      Such a contrast between the interview with Richie versus Joe Duffy.

      In one Dr. Morrissey is allowed speak, in the other he isn’t.

      No prizes for guessing which is which!!

      Well done Richie!

      👎 Joe!

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