Mengele’s Spirit Is Alive And Well – In Israel

A top Israeli medic said yesterday, that green passes awarded to double-jabbed citizens would be invalidated should the bearer decline a third (booster) jab.  According to The Times:

Nearly two million Israelis previously considered fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are to be barred from schools, workplaces and social venues unless they have a third booster dose or can prove they are not infected in a significant tightening of “green pass” rules.

Protests were staged across the country against the new rules as they were due to come in yesterday, while the health ministry’s website for people applying for a new digital green pass crashed under the demand.

Speaking to the media, Dr Asher Salmon, deputy director-general of the Ministry of Health said:

“We believe everyone should be getting a third shot. We are basically telling people that if they have not already done so, they are not fully vaccinated.”

Israel began giving booster doses to the over-60s and high-risk groups in July. In August the government recommended a third dose be given to everyone aged over 12, five months or more after their second dose.

Double-jabbed Israelis who haven’t yet received the booster, will now need to show proof of a negative test to enter a bar, museum, gym and most other indoor spaces.

Back in February, then Health Minister Yuli Edelstein said that Israelis had a “moral duty” to be jabbed and that refuseniks “will be left behind.”

Of all the people in all the world, I would’ve never believed that Israelis would allow themselves to be cast as guinea pigs in a global medical experiment. Don’t they know their history. Mengele anyone?


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No surprise apart from amazement that the majority of the population are so brainwashed / compliant. It has been obvious to me for some time now that we have been lied to about practically everything. Not least, pharma BS germ theory. I can’t understand why Richie hasn’t had David Icke on the show to explain what’s going on. David’s spot on, the plandemic is built on a fake test for a fake virus.


“green passes awarded to double-jabbed citizens would be invalidated should the bearer decline a third (booster) jab” funny how mike yeadon said this would happen a yr ago that the pass will become invalid and boosters required.


Well what a surprise, none of us saw that coming did we?!

This Marburg variant they are claiming supposedly firstly and lastly appeared in 1967. So how does a virus from 54 years ago suddenly become a variant of this new “deadly” virus or am I missing something here? Could it be that it is the supposed variant is the one with the nearest symptoms to what is being caused by the jab?


Evil practices back then and evil practices now.

How a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus Ended Up in Polio Vaccines
In the 1950s and 1960s, research conducted in the search for a polio vaccine involved “passaging” the poliovirus through monkeys — a process that led to some of the vaccines becoming contaminated with a cancer-causing simian virus.

How a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus Ended Up in Polio Vaccines
In the 1950s and 1960s, research conducted in the search for a polio vaccine involved “passaging” the poliovirus through monkeys — a process that led to some of the vaccines becoming contaminated with a cancer-causing simian virus.

Did you know that a cancer-causing monkey virus contaminated millions of batches of polio vaccine?

Did you know this virus has now been found inside people and inside their cancers?

The health authorities would like the American public to forget these facts. But it happened, and the repercussions are still with us today.

This known contamination took place at the end of the 1950s and the beginning of the 1960s, but may have continued for the next 40 years. In fact, over the last 60 years, cancer rates for every age group in America have continued to climb.


Read about this quite a few years ago.


Was that SV40?

Montana Mule Gal

The CDC “disappeared” their page on contaminated polio vaccines. Here’s a copy of that page.

comment image


It will become inevitable that, as more shots are injected into people, so their natural immunity systems will become weakened. This, in turn, will make then ever increasingly dependent on the shots to protect them from illnesses.
Legalised drug dependency.


When I was a child there was only one vaccine that was compulsory so that was the only one I had as my parents were not keen on vaccination. As an adult I became a blood donor and I was told that I had a very strong immune system and I have had very little actual disease in my life. So that could be related to the fact that I didn’t have all these vaccinations


Killing people as they make money from them!


True. But those people have willingly walked to the alter.


It should also be remembered that the Australian ‘Covid passport’ clearly states that an up to date vaccination status only lasts three months.
Unfortunately, there are still way too many people who are seeing things as happening in isolation at the national level (promoted, of course, by the MSM).


The boosters also give them the armoury to bolster the ‘unvaccinated’ narrative stats, by way of including the outdated formerly jabbed folk as the ‘unwashed’ once more.

So, it all goes back to the enslavement digital ID system and its relentless promotion!

Which those of us with any semblance of cognitive function remaining, are only too well aware of..

But there’s still that incessant ‘urgency’ about the whole thing that concerns me the most… That relentless push to get this into every living thing with a pulse, regardless of the consequences!

Consequences such as adverse reactions like permanent injury or even death… They seem not to matter in the slightest to the ‘pushers that be!!’
(ie. those we once trusted!!)

So… Is there yet another twist to this tale that is yet to be revealed??

Check this out…

I’ve seen plenty of data suggesting there might be truth to it …

And if so…

We are now truly living in a episode of the ‘The Twilight Zone!!’

And it may be about to get a whole lot worse!!!!



I watched the above a few days ago. Thanks for posting.
Push to get as many Vaxxed or given a booster before another lockdown is brought in?

Last edited 24 days ago by Jake

Get as many ‘hived’ as possible…

Then supercharge them with fearporn on Netflix!!

Halloween beckons!!
(Perfect timing to vamp up the ‘neural activity!!’ for night-time remote emf interfacing! 🤔)


Honest J..

You couldn’t make it up!!



Cheers Craig.


With regards the urgency. The end period for this may well be 2023 (we know that the trials end in that year). Think three injections per year for three years. Look at the ninth point of the UN Sustainability Goals – among them is ‘Infrastructure’.
Also look at the symbol used: three cubes, with each cube having one surface highlighted. The number ‘3’ is all over that particular goal (though that number is symbolically referenced in most of the Goals).
‘The number three was the symbol of holiness.’

Additionally, 2+2+3=7. ‘The number 7 is the Divine number of completion.’

Just a few thoughts.


The symbols are usually hidden in plain sight and are always included in the package!
Good spot.


Did you see where they want to alter the dna of animals, not just farm animals but all animals? These people see themselves as gods when they are in fact monsters.


Look at all the legends and myths. All of the gods started out as monsters.


Only a vaccine away Jennie!
Then onwards to human/animal hybrids!!

The sky’s the limit!!


Ronald Templeman

I live in a very large Jewish populated area and the only thing I can think as to why Jewish and Israelis have gone along with this is because they are a bit too far down the road of worrying about their health. When the flu jab comes round the surgery is always packed so to have a jab for another virus is not a problem.
Using a virus to create the control that took place in Germany during the 2nd world war was the perfect thing, as to achieve it you have to get the people scared and in this area they achieved it, as they obviously did in Israel. Apart from a certain number as in most countries that saw through the scam.
Unless they wake up it will be the 4th then 5th and so on.


The irony being that Hitler also used a health scare by claiming that Jews were the carriers of disease.


And many Jews regard those of us who are not of the faith to be no more than cattle. In a Jewish religious text quoted in ‘Gentile’ The Jewish Encyclopaedia Vol 5 New York 1903 pp 615-626 there is the statement that “the best among the gentiles deserves to be killed”. And there is plenty more where that came from. Never forget that evil breeds an evil response.


I know. It’s quite tragic really.
It’s also worth noting that most of our institutions are built around Jewish principles.
‘According to the Jewish law, non-Jews (gentiles) are not obligated to convert to Judaism, but they are required to observe the Seven Laws of Noah to be assured of a place in the World to Come (Olam Ha-Ba)’
That last refers to a paradise on Earth as defined by Jewish principles and law – in other words, the New World Order.


None observance of the Noahide Laws will be death by capital punishment.

Last edited 23 days ago by Jake

Or the gulag.


From what I have read it is capital punishment and no imprisonment.


It wouldn’t surprise me.


Where is that monument?


It is in Palestine.


Thank you.


You are welcome C


This is one of those laws:
‘Rabbi Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz and David Berger hold that the tractate does include Christianity as a form of idolatry’


This is one of those laws (I’ve tried to put this up once, so I’m hoping this will stay up).
‘Rabbi Avrohom Yeshaya Karelitz and David Berger hold that the tractate does include Christianity as a form of idolatry’


Below is the Noahide symbol which might suprise most people.
Funny how it so common these days.
7 colours for the Seven Laws that come from not the Torah but the Talmud.

Last edited 23 days ago by Jake

Yes, I noticed that. It made me smile, because it’s also a prominent Freemasonry symbol.


Which is exactly what happened during the Bolshevik Revolution.


There are those that do.

Luciferian-Jewish-Credo (1).jpg
Last edited 23 days ago by Jake

Historical documents would seem to bear out that statement.


Typhus was a real health risk and was most prominent in Jewish ghettos, where an increasingly isolated population were confined to a small area. This subsequently lead to unsanitary living conditions and outbreaks of disease. It is well documented that Typhus also ravaged the concentration camps, where this very same ethnic group was transfered to. The Germans managed to keep disease under control using delousing (Zyklon B) methods on train carts, clothing, shaving off hair etc upon arrival. Later, as a consequence of Allied bombing to essential infrastructure (rail, roads, bridges etc), supplies became scarce, lack of Zyklon B, food and medicines made disease, famine and mass death inevitable.


Yes, I am aware of that. Historical documentation also shows Auschwitz as a hospital camp, not a slave labour camp, that got hit hard by a typhoid outbreak. The historical documentation also shows that the Russians erected the famous gate towers after the war for propaganda purposes.


You are spot on Alex. How refreshing to read a comment from someone who has at least looked at the history with an open mind and who has not succumbed to the brainwashing that starts from our first days at school and continues with the daily top ups provided by the media. Many Freeview channels would go bust without their crazy Nazi output! A good follow up from Craig also.

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