Oh my days, we can breathe a little easier! Mi5 says that a terrorist attack is possible but not likely. Thank heavens for that. We'd been at substantial for so long hadn't we? Substantial meant that there was a strong possibility of an attack. Moderate means that an attack is possible but not likely. So yesterday, there was a strong possibility that we would be attacked but today an attack is not likely. It has to be the snow right? Jihadi's are not at their best in the cold, so we have The Beast From The East to thank for giving us a bit of respite from the suicide bombers and homicide drivers. Today you're not likely to be shot, blown up or knocked down by a terrorist. It's possible mind, but not likely. The snow won't last forever though, it will melt, you can be sure of that much. 

What a farce right? How have we evolved to this? This is straight out of the Orwell/Huxley playbook. Colour coded terror charts, I mean really? When they were introduced some years ago, by the US and the UK almost simultaneously I might add, I laughed. I thought it was hysterical. Surely they couldn't manipulate people's emotions like that right? Surely people would not make decisions based on the terror threat level? I was wrong! I only had to look at my granddad Gerry Flanagan, a great man. He was a great walker. He walked everywhere, a couple of miles into town most days, briskly too, fit as a fiddle. But on occasion I'd ask "you're not heading out granddad?" And he'd say, "no, it might rain!" Why were our grandparents so utterly shit scared of rain? Anyway, the threat of a few drops of water and his plans were changed. He could get pneumonia for feck sake! There was no arguing with him. He's alive and well incidentally.

That's where this terror chart bollox came from. The real terrorists, Mi5, Mossad, NSA, Mi6 and the CIA, realised that they could play people like fiddles. They could keep people scared and even predict or dictate their movements. Just tell them an attack is imminent. "Cancel that weekend in London Thomas!" "But Lisa, we've waited a year to get front row tickets to see The Lion King!" "I don't care, the fucking terrorists are all over the place, I heard it on the news!" I predict that before too long, the weather forecast will include the terror forecast. You know what's really maddening about that? In the 1970's and 1980's, when the IRA blew up pubs, clubs, train stations and coaches, killing indiscriminately, people were shocked and they were outraged. But they'd have never stood for this nonsense.

This is psychological warfare, waged on a mostly unsuspecting public as a means of control, by those wholly responsible for the chaos in the Middle East. ISIS, Al-Qaida, Al-Nusra and Boko Haram were created, trained and armed by the same intelligence agencies who today downgraded the terror threat. They oughta know right? Look at our train stations and airports. There are armed police everywhere, armed to the teeth and many of them wearing balaclavas. That's part of it too. They want us to live in constant fear. They want terror threat levels and an increasingly militarised police to become the norm. No way. Tell them to stick their colour coded warnings up their arses. You are still more likely to be killed by a falling grand piano than killed by a terrorist, no matter what they do and no matter what they tell you.

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