Millions Watch Videos Of Woman Destroyed By Pfizer Jab

Millions of people have watched a series of Instagram videos that show a woman struggling to walk as a result of a reaction to the Pfizer covid jab.

In one of the videos, 34 year-old Georgia-Rose Segal can be seen staggering and desperately trying to remain standing. In another clip, she’s seen in a hospital bed with her legs and feet spasming uncontrollably. It’s grim stuff.

A caption on one of the clips declares:

“Since the 29th June after her second Pfizer jab, Georgia has had daily episodes of fainting, developing into neurological issues and losing the use of her legs. And yes, she was perfectly fit and healthy before!”

Instagram has said that it will not delete the videos but will instead heavily restrict them. This is known as shadow-banning. The company issued a brief statement saying:

“We are running the largest online vaccine information campaign in history, and through our work with the NHS and UK government we’ve directed over 13.5 million visits to accurate information about the virus and approved vaccines.”

This is astonishing. Instagram accepts that the woman has been injured by the Pfizer jab but goes on to say that it will severely restrict the reach of the videos. If pressed, presumably Instagram would say that the injury is a very rare occurrence.

That may or may not be true, but this goes straight to the heart of informed consent. People are entitled to know about these injuries, whether or not they’re one in ten thousand or one in a million.

These jabs are untried, unproven, they’re not even vaccines and they are proving to be deadly. Share with everyone you know who has yet to roll up their sleeves.



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How terrible:( poor woman


My ex wife developed crippling CFS/M.E following a Hep B jab to join a Dental Surgeries employ and was debilitated in a similar fashion for over 20 years. Perhaps from that jab, as its a commonly linked adverse effect along with M.S to those soft “mandated”/compelled jabs for health care roles! See It was devastating.

All of these poor conned fools that are duped into these lethal covid jabs (which don’t work protectively and which raise your risks of covid and death), whom are not lucky enough to get a placebo shot, are looking at devastated lives ahead of them, if they are not clot shotted at a jabbatoire and dead within minutes, to 48 hours, as is proving very very common. The global death toll/maiming is now vast! These jabs will never be pulled from the market and are indeed the single most lethal medical products ever put into humans! Easily doubling 31 years of VAERS real vaccine history in 7 months and 50 years of MHRA adverse reaction reports, to all prior UK medicines! It’s simply obscene and clearly the agenda is to maim/kill/sterilise and depopulate, plus other aspects, potentially to control and enslave future society, into Gates & Cos’ decade of evil vaxxschemes.

The censorship is disgusting and even this statement is FALSE “we’ve directed over 13.5 million visits to accurate information about the virus and approved vaccines.”, as it should read “we’ve MIS-directed over 13.5 million visits to LYING BULLSHIT information about the SO CALLED VIRUS and UTTERLY UN-APPROVED GENETIC EXPERIMENTAL PHASE 3 TRIAL OFTEN LETHAL INJECTIONS!”

Heads are gonna have to roll for this soon! Life imprisonments and eventual public executions for all the co-plotters! Before they kill and maim us all!


Keeping this kind of information from people, censoring unwelcome individuals and facts, prohibiting debate about the jabs enables the growing hatred and discrimination against those who refuse the treatment. It is vital for the introduction of passports and the ongoing coercion that the truth is kept hidden. And without truth there can be no informed consent.


this is why in part I came to the conclusion I have, if the state demands one narrative that in running unopposed via censoring of speech, to me something is off.


Whenever anyone is giving you the hard sell BEWARE! I work a switchboard on a regular basis and deal with ‘cold calls’ on a regular basis; these calls always smell off.


Lies will never trump facts.


If every thousandth car coming off an assembly line had brakes which were liable to fail would they say oh well most of them work? No of course they wouldn’t they’d report it. It seems when it comes to anything to do with the agenda morality and logic just goes out of the window.


The car is a good analogy. Who would spend 24 hours a day in a brand new car that hadn’t been fully safety checked? The steering could fail; the brakes could fail; the wheels could fall off; the airbags might not deploy; the crumple zones could be ineffective: any number of potentially life threatening things would be present. Only an idiot would put themself in that position.


Or wouldn’t be prepared to stand over their product – no warranty or liability for
known or unknown inherent faults or failures??!!


Exactly: and car manufacturers are already finding ways to worm out of their obligations. I know of a few people who have had near death experiences from things like steering system failures in nearly new cars, where the manufacturers have escaped culpability. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t go near cars that are less than 3 years old.


to add to this thread, imagine if a childs car seat would fail every say 1000 products and a child was in an accident and dies, that car seat would be recalled in an instant and an investigation launched, but as its the jab, seems no problem.


Unfortunately, this supposed action would be resisted. Once in the marketplace, they deny any inbuilt fault, continue to do so, until major pressure applied by governing bodies resulting from public pressure and the purchasers insurers. The turning point with a recall and cessation of manufacture and sales is once the product no longer profitable alongside reputational damage.

Recent examples – cars spontaneously
combusting – similarly Whirlpool group of washing machines and tumble dryers.

In both examples the design faults were simple, easily identified, cheap to tweak in the manufacturing process yet unwilling to halt. Poor sense of corporate responsibility.

Last edited 1 month ago by Brenda

In the 1970’s Ford produced a car / deathtrap called the Pinto; it didn’t last long due to people not wanting to attend their own premature cremation. People pushing these injections of the Devil’s pizzle are pushing a very dodgy motor indeed.


Its worse then that Ford cynically worked out that it would be cheaper for them to pay out damages for any Pinto that was rear end shunted (causing the gas tank to explode) then to make costly modifications to all the vehicles in order to actually fix the problem.
What a wonderful caring warm hearted company.

Last edited 1 month ago by Mark

It is well to know who the founder was.


My son in law’s grandma was affected with uncontrollable shaking down one side of her body after taking the vaccine. Instagram are participating in the censorship that is currently in play around the world. It’s unforgivable.


Bloody Hell Sharon!!!!!! Did this lady have both shots?

Jeananne Crowley

Poor Georgia no isolated case either: thousands and thousands being injured & worse to come as those who had those untried untested jabs get sicker and sicker when the ‘spike’ protein gets to puzzle their immune system SO badly that it starts to fight itself or at least that’s how I understand the phrase ‘enhanced immune response’. sounds so gentle doesn’t it.


If the EIR works as expected, by this time next year the food shortages won’t be so impactful; the lack of care and NHS staff won’t be a problem; the lack of hospital beds won’t be an issue; the strain on the welfare state will have eased; there won’t be so many cars on the road; the strain on public transport will be considerably less and more people will be clammoring for the new jabs.
Dastardly clever.


Yes the death toll is going to be vast and all those pesky issues the Government have wanted “fixed” will indeed be solved, when most of us are all dead! It’s time to round these sociopaths up somehow soon and have them face real justice, as the courts etc are not gonna do it for us!


One arm of their social care policy


Which sociopaths would that be? The ones pulling the strings, or the ones having their strings pulled?
If it’s the latter, others will simply step into the void (there is no shortage of sociopaths), but like the defense mechanism of the fabled Hydra.
If it’s the former: well, do you know for certain who they are?

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