Miss France Pageant To Welcome Male Entrants

Men, have you ever fantasised about participating in a beauty pageant? If so, hop on a plane to France. Oh wait, you can’t. The French have closed their borders to UK travellers to try and contain the omicron variant.

Don’t fret, there’s always next year, maybe. The organisers of Miss France have just announced that the competition will be opened up to men, or transgender women as they call them.

According to The Times:

On the eve of last Saturday’s Miss France 2022 pageant, Élisabeth Moreno, the equality minister, criticised the contest, calling it outmoded and discriminatory. At a meeting with Laroche-Joubert, she said that the organisation ought to be opened to transgender candidates, like other contests around the world, including Miss Spain, Miss USA, Miss South Africa and Miss Panama.

In response, Alexia Laroche-Joubert, the newly appointed chairwoman of the Miss France organisation, said that the pageant will accept entries from trannies. However, she didn’t say when.

Back in 2016, when Francois Hollande was French President (remember that eejit?) French law was changed to make it much easier for men to identify as women and vice versa.

As a result of that, French folks need only show that they live in the identity of their new gender and have the approval of their family, friends and employers. They no longer need to demonstrate that they’ve had surgery or other treatment.

The current Miss France, Diane Leyre, describes herself as an ardent feminist. The question is, is she a trans-exclusionary feminist or TERF? Let’s hope so.

After all, there is no such thing as a transgender woman. There are men and there are women. Twas ever thus.


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Honestly to make it fair i would rather open a new cathegory,
just do a Mr and Mrs France and a hybrid where any mtf or ftm can take part.

But mixing them all up just leads to unfairness, even more in sports.


…and if the winner doesn’t possess a big hair set of landing gear, the result will called out as sexist no doubt

Marty Hopkirk

Just been and booked my place for next years pageant, Richie. Think I stand a pretty good chance as well…


Just entered Richie, cheers mate, why not ? vive la France. When I do the catwalk with a pair of steel toe capped boots on, a mankini, and a beard, they have agreed to play this song, fucking love the French https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8XQZYIiNgo


First time to see that video Martin..
Nice one!


love that song Gerry, quite an interesting story about who he is singing about, cannot remember the details, brains fucked mate, but aye, a good track with a good story behind it.


I never realised the tune went back that far and whenever I heard it, I just assumed it was Gilbert O’ Sullivan and didn’t give it a second thought!!
Richie played it yesterday in the melodies set.
It’s timeless Martin.
A great melody.


Addendum and out of curiosity, I did some digging on wiki and it turns out Peter Sarstedt made a sequel called ‘The last of the Breed’ (Lovely 2)

Seemingly in recent years he was working on a third called ‘Farewell Marie – Claire’ but it never happened as he’s since left the music industry…?

Here’s the tune where someone put a nice little movie clip from ‘The Pink Panther’ to the track which features Claudia Cardinele and Peter Sellers.
[In the description the u tube channel owner mentions the song reminds him of Claudia..]

Another character in the clip I picked up on (James Lanphier — who died young!) bears a resemblance to a handsome chap who shall remain nameless.. (but I suspect this might get noticed by other observers!!??)

Anyway, this one’s for yourself, the big man Richie and eh ‘Foxy Wayne’ if he’s tuning into this conversation!!
(Fox has a fine appreciation for classic movies and associated classic/classical music also — so I’m guessing he’ll enjoy it as much as I have!)

Merry Christmas to all!!



Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

Cheers mate. Had not heard the song before, a good wee track in it’s self. Peter Sellars ? some boy that, he was a manic depressive in real life, really struggled with his mental health. David Niven, always thought he was a good actor, to be fair he worked in a time when actors could act, and movie scripts consisted of realistic dialogue and a good storyline. Just watched the interview with Matt le Tiss you put up Gerry. He was questioning it way back last year, think all he done was put a tweet up saying we should listen to both sides concerning the ” virus ” then they unleashed their hounds from hell on him, convinced that is why sky paid him off, he more or less said it himself in the interview. As he said himself he had nothing to gain by voicing his concerns, a bit of a hero in my eyes to be honest, cancelled and ridiculed for speaking the truth. One of the biggest scumbags to emerge since this scam started, who is mentioned in the interview is the odious shillirey jones, how many people has he convinced to take the jab ? when he must surely know is still in the trial phase, he’s had that gig for over 30 years and people trust him, he should be hung for his crimes against the people. Aye, Merry Christmas to you Gerry when it comes.


Cheers Martin.
Yes, some legendary actors in that little clip. Sellers was a genius , I never knew about the depression though.

As for Shillary, I’ve not heard much beyond what Richie has said, but he’s one of a planet full of these 🤬rs nowadays.

Every last one of them are doing nothing but reinforcing this never ending lie.

Personally, I don’t and can’t listen to these mass media whores, as It drives me mad… beyond some sport, I watch virtually no tv nowadays as it’s all bolox and don’t intend to ever go back.

If there’s one thing to be said about all of the insanity thus far, it’s the fact that it’s been very revelational to those of us who’ve taken the time to look closer.

No going back now Martin, so all we can hope for is that eventually many more will snap out of it…

As for the media scum who are responsible for bringing us to where we are today…

Well, their day will come one way or another.

It’s only a matter of time.

Robert Klinck

The people lauding this song don’t seem to realize that it is subverting their minds by means of cognitive dissonance. “Where do you go in your bed?” is, if you think about it for a second, a nonsensical question. Then, after saying her thoughts surround her, the singer says he “wants to get inside [her] head”, which of course, on the basis of his previous words, would constitute a vain search. The lyrics of most popular songs contain such internal contradictions. As your subconscious mind unsuspectingly takes them in, it becomes muddled and defenceless. The commercial entertainment business exists to serve the powers that be.


you think too much, ever thought about that, happy 2022 robert boy, try harder ffs.

M T Hadi

I haven’t watched this wank-fest for over 40 years… I hope it dies the death…


More commie NWO implementation of the breaking down of society.


I now have PTSD having viewed those photos…


biology means nout when it suits an agenda,

Urban Fox

I genuinely take the attitude, live and let live. And if i didn’t believe there was an agenda to everything we are recently seeing happening, i wouldn’t care about the news above. Only i do believe there is an agenda and that everything we are witnessing is connected. In the case of opening up competitions to people who identify as woman, i believe it is an agenda to fuse genders. As the future planned is a genderless one with no procreation, where humans are grown in Laboratories. Though they will not be trans gender but trans human, if the Frankenstein fascists are not stopped. Fused with technology.

On strictly come dancing the last 2 years, they have had two men dancing together as one of the couples. Totally turning the history of dance and dance competition on its head. There is a lovely deaf woman, who i have no idea who she is , also in the competition this year. Right at the beginning of the competition several weeks ago, i predicted that should the gay couple and the deaf lady be half decent, they would both be two of the last 3 couples in tonight’s final, and i was proved correct. As it happens they are all actually exceptional dancers. However for several weeks now, i have seen virtue signaling on steroids. Constantly the viewers have been told, what a hard life they have all had. And we have been subjected to nauseating, waving hands in the air instead of clapping for the deaf contestant. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if a deaf person sees someone clapping. Surely they dont need any other hand signal. Iv heard that it is meant to be a mark of respect.

But it seems to me, that the most sidelined people in society are fast becoming, straight, white, able bodied, un jabbed men. Try getting a job at the BBC over the next couple of years if your one of those freaks. You’ve more chance of getting served a cooked English breakfast, at a B and B in Glastonbury. Anyone who has looked into this, will get the joke.

The third couple that should have been in tonight’s final, have unexpectedly dropped out at the last minute. Supposedly through injury. In view of what we have seen, particularly over the last 2 years, i find it hard to believe this is by chance, though i could be totally wrong. However it does conveniently leave the way open, for the wokest final ever in television history. Is it just a coincidence that it happens to be this year. When everything else we are seeing, to those that are looking, seems so connected.

Talking of connections and the fusing together of things. I reentered the world of Facebook this last week, after an absence of many years. Purely for the purpose of writing a subversive truth bomb, to everyone i know who is on there, regarding current events. On the users main page, there is a list of useful information. There are two tabs included on that list. One says Scientific information on Climate change. And just below it there is one that says, Covid information center. Or words to that effect. How people can not think this is strange, that a social network platform should do that, is beyond my comprehension. It also brings us back neatly to where we started, regarding the fusing together of things. Only with this example, its the extremely sinister fusing of two different , yet connected hoax’s. The monumental lie of a deadly plague, fused with the monumental climate change hoax. Both of course manufactured, to push the agenda of the centralization of worldwide Fascism.


Again I agree with you completely although I know nothing about B&Bs in Glastonbury but I can imagine. Nothing is about simple fun and having a good time anymore, everything has to be linked to an agenda.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie. I wanted to go Glastonberry to see the spirutual locations. I must be about the only person who worked in the mind , body spirit field that sadley never got roung to going. But out of dozens of people i worked with, i must be the only one who was never vegaterian. I got as far as looking at accomadation and i looked at just about every place. And they all said that they were vegeterian serving only, as it was a spiritual retreat. Never gone along with that myself, but there you go.


During the Middle Ages, women were barred from many things – including acting. In stage performances, therefore, female roles were performed by men identifying as women.

I know many here see a transhumanist agenda at work. That may be true. What I see are lots of trends galloping us back to a medieval society under the aegis of advanced technology.


Interesting take Craig.


Simple solution… Just start up a Miss France/World transgender competition and leave them at it!!

Bizarrely enough, I was having a conversation with an old friend of mine recently and he mentioned the notion of wanting to come back in the next life as a ‘lesbian’ super model..

Oh really says I!

Yes, says he!!

The idea being that he could ride in those circles while the going was good!!

…I can see where he was coming from alright..

In for a penny and in for a pound.. and each to their own and all that huh!!

Are you getting me???



Oh oh.. & while I think of it..

There’s a tune for everything!!

Pay close attention though…

As there’s a subtle difference in this version to the original!!





That’s what I’ve been thinking, why don’t they just set up a separate competition. If this was genuinely about equality that’s what they’d do but they aren’t interested in that, just about destroying society.


Weird times Jennie, and becoming more bizarre by the day.

Hard to keep up with it to be honest.

Alien almost…

Or a zombie apocalypse??
Coming from all angles!

What next!!!


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