MIT Study Shows That Social Distancing Is Arbitrary Nonsense

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of technology have revealed that the risk of exposure to Covid-19 is as great at 60 feet as it is at 6 feet indoors.

The research challenges coronavirus guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The World Health organisation. Both the WHO and the CDC said last year that people should maintain a distance of 6 feet indoor and outdoors.

The study, which was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America, shows that even when wearing a mask indoors, a person is no safer from airborne pathogens at 60 feet than at 6 feet.

The researchers used calculations that factored in several issues that could affect transmission, including air filtration, immunization, variant strains, and the amount of time spent inside.

They also factored in respiratory activity such as breathing, talking, singing and eating.

Speaking to CNBC, MIT professor Martin Bazant said;

“We argue there really isn’t much of a benefit to the 6-foot rule, especially when people are wearing masks. It really has no physical basis because the air a person is breathing while wearing a mask tends to rise and comes down elsewhere in the room so you’re more exposed to the average background than you are to a person at a distance.”

Bazant went on to suggest that businesses didn’t need to be forced to shut down over the course of the pandemic. He said;

“Often times the space is large enough, the ventilation is good enough, the amount of time people spend together is such that those spaces can be safely operated even at full capacity and the scientific support for reduced capacity in those spaces is really not very good. I think if you run the numbers, even right now for many types of spaces you’d find that there is not a need for occupancy restrictions.”

We’ve known from the outset that social distancing is arbitrary nonsense and that there isn’t a shred of scientific evidence to support it. The same goes for mask wearing.

The UK broadcast media will ignore the findings of this study. Share this article far and wide today.


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I wouldn’t care if the great Albert Einstein endorsed this. It doesn’t matter where these studies come from; the public trust has been broken forever. There are few good things to arrise from the assault on both the intelligence and personal freedom of the global eectorate, one thing that makes me very optimistic is that questioning everything is becoming far more commonplace.


I’m not sure if the zombies can be told or shown, such is the depths of their delusion as enforced and reinforced by their handlers!!

But hey… We live in hope!

Here’s Doctor Ted Noel with a friendly demonstration on just exactly how useless these things are!'T-WORK—Doctor-Ted-Noel:4

See and BELIEVE!!


I follow Ron Paul (former presidential candidate) sometimes, who is a retired surgeon, and he said a year ago that they must have put numbers in a hat and drawn one out to come up with this 6 feet nonsense for social distancing because as he said if there were any germs they could travel much, much further than that. But of course these controlled idiots weren’t listening to anyone who actually knows what they’re talking about.


Research conducted by Porton Down in the 1960’s established that a sneeze could travel up to 27 feet. I remember being told this on a NBCD course in the Royal Navy 40 years ago whilst on HMS Invincible. I was an NCBD monitor which was basically a canary that had to leave the ships gas tight citadel following a chemical attack and go out onto the upper deck to check for residue contamination once the pre wetting water spay system had been switch off. We are being fed so much nonsense by some of these so called scientists. But what do I know 😡😡


That’s interesting, thank you. They know the truth don’t they but they are just lying for an agenda and hoping that most people are uninformed enough to believe them.


I heard, can not remember who said it, by one of the scientists on the side of the Scamdemic is nonsense that the distance was 27 feet to keep apart from an airborne transmissible virus.
I also worked many years ago who was an army test dummy at Porton Down.
He said that he and his fellow “Lab rats” had some type of paste put on their skin and they eventually fell over on the floor.
Not sure how he was effected afterwards but he used to only shower and shave once a month so I was informed.

Last edited 13 days ago by Jacob

Dr. Stefan Lanka – Virology is a religion, a belief system.
click on my name for 4 min vid


I thought they were smart at MIT, yet it took them this long to work this out!

Melanie Howd

Wonder how much funding the department received to ‘research’ anti-social distancing because I could’ve saved them money!…Perhaps I’m unusually gifted but I’d concluded that 15 months ago…

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