Good morning you!

I'm sure you've heard me say this on the auld radio show, but if you haven't, I am moving house this week. Moving is of course a pain in the ass at the best of times, but I've also got to deconstruct an industry standard radio studio, take it with me to our new home and rebuild and re-calibrate it from scratch! Thank God for FAB Radio's Paul Ripley, it'll be Paul doing all the engineering. As you know I take a week off every Spring and then two weeks in late Summer. I'm using my week off this week, so I won'be taking any time off after I am back up and running next week. Confusing much? Anyway, it's all good.

Spare a thought for me over the next few days as I'll be up to my gonads in cardboard boxes and masking tape, trying to get beds, mattresses and wardrobes up flights of stairs, all the while being directed (and shouted at) by a Napoleon-esque little diva! But all in all I am excited about the move. Like I said on the radio it'll make our lives easier financially and guarantees The RA Show will be a round a little while longer. Speak next week and enjoy this weather, it's absolutely glorious here in Mancunia.






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