Munroe Bergdorf is the gift that keeps on giving. The Transgender model, who was recently appointed as the Labour Party's adviser on matters LGBT+, has just announced that, owing to her own experience as a child, children as young as eight should be able to choose their gender. She also said that they shouldn't need any medical approval either. She's had some first week in her new job eh? Eyebrows were raised (putting it mildly) when she was appointed as an adviser to shadow equalities secretary Dawn Butler last Monday, despite previously claiming that all white people are racist. She was sacked by L'Oréal last year, for saying that the white race was "the most violent and oppressive force of nature on Earth". Jaysus! Are we? I gave up hating black people for Lent in 2003. When I got out of bed on Easter Sunday that year, I totally forgot to recommence my hatred for my darker skinned brothers and sisters, so I'm alright now.

Seriously though, does anyone vet anyone anymore? How many times has someone gotten a public job only for all manner of revelations to emerge to discredit them and their would be employers? Labour didn't need to look very hard either! She'd previously called a Twitter follower a "hairy barren lesbian" and threatened to "gay bash" someone in 2012. Progressives have an unparalleled tendency to hypocrisy don't they? Bergdorf has been supported by none other than the hysterical little bollox himself Owen Jones, the twerp who spends his days on SKY and the BBC, demanding that people be banned for saying whatever he has deemed to be unacceptable on that day. If I'd said some of the things that Bergdorf has said, Jones would have demanded that I be silenced and banned from broadcasting. But he supports Munroe Bergdorf and her insane idea, that children be offered 60 identities to choose from while insisting that the medical fraternity stay the hell out of it. Brilliant! What could possibly go wrong?

Just when you think that the Labour Party couldn't get any more ridiculous, they appoint an obviously unbalanced Trans woman as equalities adviser and refuse to sack her, despite serious questions about her suitability for any such role. I'm not being cruel or unkind either, her behaviour suggests she's got some serious personal issues, to put it very mildly. Keep Munroe Bergdorf away from children and more importantly, away from influencing educational policy. Did I mention that she also practices witchcraft and voodoo?  Stop laughing, I'm not making it up. Listen, she can do what she wants, she can live how she chooses, I will defend her right to do so, but don't inflict your lifestyle choices on me and stay the hell away from children. In my opinion and this might sound very harsh, it is a form of child abuse to mess with the minds of youngsters by inflicting this gender madness on them.

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