National One Minute’s Silence At Noon Tomorrow – Let’s Make Noise

The speakers of both houses of Parliament will lead a one minute’s silence at noon tomorrow to mark a year since the beginning of the first lockdown and to remember those who have lost their lives to coronavirus.

This will be followed by a vigil tomorrow evening at 8pm when the public is expected to stand silently in their doorways and hold lit candles, phones and torches in a “beacon of remembrance.” Pass the sick bucket please.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, said:

“None of us has escaped the ordeal of Covid-19, from the shock of having our liberties taken away, to the heartbreak of losing someone we loved.

So, a year on, it is right that we take a moment to reflect on what we as a nation have been through; that we pay tribute to the many lives lost and the families that mourn them, and we say a big ‘thank you’ to our NHS staff who have worked so tirelessly on the front line caring for people in need.”

Programming the public into believing that we are at war and that we are all in it together is an important part of the covid psyop. Collectively, we should grieve the fallen and celebrate the soldiers on the NHS frontline. It’s bollox, all of it, but it’s effective bollox.

Boris Johnson is a despot who has turned the UK into a police state. He has turned the country into what NHS Pathologist Dr. John Lee described today as “a bleak unnatural land where all our ordinary freedoms are locked away.”

His tyranny has destroyed far more lives than any number of viruses put together ever could. He has presided over a children’s mental health epidemic. He has imposed a death sentence on hundreds of thousands of people whose treatment was cancelled or suspended to free up beds for Covid-19 patients. There is a cancer epidemic now.

He has condemned seniors to die alone and confused, locked away in care homes. He has plunged millions of people into poverty that they will never escape from. I am boiling with rage as I type this.

I should stand with that useless barrel of monkey spunk tomorrow at noon? Absolutely not. I’ll be cranking up my Panasonic hi-fi separate system at 11.55 am.

I’ve got Slayer and Testament on standby. I’ll be opening all my windows and my doors and making some noise for the real victims of this scamdemic.



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I’m thinking Ministry’s track ‘NWO’. It seems appropriate. Maybe Iron Maiden’s ‘The Trooper’, ‘Number of the Beast’ and ‘Running Free’.
I’ll probably throw in some Rammstein for good measure.
Disturbed’s cover of the ‘Sound of Silence’ has appropriate lyrics and the anger to go with it, but not the disruptive volume.




I’ve put up a playlist. Playing it already and can barely hear myself think.
It’s glorious.


I did likewise & chose your selection with a few more for added ‘peace and tranquility!!



Play your music full blast and stand in your doorway with your middle finger raised. If he British have balls, they will all use that time to march into the street and demand the government resign.

fab nocivelli

‘master of puppets’?


Yes let’s take a minute to reflect on what a bunch of liars, criminals and psychopaths have done to the world.

Tom Phillips

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Brian Crossland

For me: Motorhead “Just ‘Cos You Got The Power..(That don’t Mean You Got The Right.


Great Post from karras, totally resonates with me,work with young ones and all the talk is netfix,games consoles,and no understanding of reality,even the more educated in society are so dumbed down it beggars belief.the futures very bleak


Pretty sick if you ask me and on the subject of sick shouldnt Johnson Whitty Vileance and other associated scum be in a court of law facing charges of crimes against humanity a bit like the Nazi war trials just after WW2.HANG EM HIGH.

Urban fox

Im in agreement with everything you say here Richie.

Or how about an hours silance, for the death of liberty, freedom and decency.
For the total destruction of everything we hold dear. Followed by an hour’s outrage, where we March on number 10, and drag this monster out by his balls. Then finish by putting his head on a traitors spike.

Tom Phillips

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Yet another remembrance day to remind everyone to stay miserable.

Tom Phillips

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spring equinox 322
they sure choose the dates to do their inverted ritual


“ I won’t back down” by Tom Petty

Tom Phillips

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Aerosmith EAT THE RICH for me !!

Zander More

I am aghast, men died for king and country and we remember them for their sacrifice and to show respect. why should I stay silent to remember people who died of the flu, yes indeed it is sad but that is the vicious circle of life and people die of cancer should we stay silent for them. What about babies who turned autistic due to MMR, they will live day in and day out being judged and bullied due to a vaccine and will never have a “normal” life.

Last edited 1 year ago by Zander More

More psyop on the public, for whom I’ve very little sympathy.
A bit of Led Zeppelin methinks tomorrow. After all those nihilistic, dystopian movies I’ve grown up loving, you’d think I might have been at least a little prepared when dystopian shit finally happened. Well I’m still stunned a year on at the ease this country was taken over but I’ve survived, so those films may have helped a bit.
Plus, I try to live in the now, not the past or an imagined future. I can still sleep, work, eat and have my family. But my relationship with the wider community has changed forever. The weakness of the British has been revealed – a ball-less, soulless, frightened population who’ve had so little challenge in their lives they now can’t even tolerate the idea of death itself!
A great discovery I’ve had is to find I’m not your ‘typical Brit’. And that has strengthened me. I feel we are experiencing our generation’s big test, and so far I’m passing. I’m discovering things about myself that I never knew.
I think if this was 1930’s Germany we know what most of the population would do don’t we.


Not just the Brits, it’s the same everywhere.


hmmmm searching through me tunes list for total banger! They going to get tomorrow!




hmmmm searching through me tunes list for total banger! They going to get tomorrow! fook it!

Ronald Templeman

This country is truly sick, using those that so called died of covid and remember most in care homes and all the others because of the lockdown then have an event to make those tossers in parliament feel good it’s a disgrace.


I think we should have a “clap for covid” and all it’s ‘varients’ since covid has erradicated all other forms of death…

Last edited 1 year ago by Jay

Pots and spoons. After that BS of standing on the porch clanging for tik tok nurses, bring the noise.


Meanwhile Doris Johnson and cronies are laughing behind our backs at our sheer gullibility at falling for all this crap, makes me sick!

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