New Triple Mutant Covid Variant Discovered – Pull The Other One

They really are desperate that we give in and accept their injections aren’t they. Now they’re telling us that they’ve discovered a triple mutant variant and in Yorkshire to boot. I say what I like and I like what I bloody well say.

It’s hard to keep up with the variants. They’ve been terrorising us all week with tall tales of the Indian variant and how it spread quickly because the anti-vaxxers just wouldn’t get vaxxed. But the anti-vaxxers held firm.

This afternoon, multiple media outlets in the UK are talking up a new scariant. Credit to a Telegraph writer for coining the term scariant by the way.

The Telegraph is reporting this afternoon that:

Health officials are investigating a so-called “triple mutant” coronavirus variant in Yorkshire, but have told the public “please don’t be alarmed”.

So far just 49 cases of the strain, named VUI-21MAY-01 or AV.1, have been recorded mostly in the Yorkshire and Humber region. 

Public Health England has said there is no evidence to suggest it is any more transmissible than other variants or that vaccines are less effective.

The new variant has a “strange combination of mutations” and has been classified as a “variant of concern” with extra testing and tracing being carried out. 

Downing Street said this lunchtime that the variant is being monitored and stressed “we won’t hesitate to put in measures that we think are necessary to try and tackle the transmission of any variants”. 

If this bullshit doesn’t convince the vaccine hesitant to come forward, maybe a quadruple mutant scariant might do it. Look out for that next week. Hats off to the news presenters who can report this crap with a straight face. I couldn’t.

They’re over-egging the pudding. This is a sign that they are becoming increasingly desperate that we submit to the jab. It’s a weak play. It’s also extremely repetitive. “We found a variant. We won’t hesitate to put in measures to prevent it spreading. Come forward when you’re called to get your jab.”

Fuck off.

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On a bright note Richie, imagine the pressure handjob must be under from his masters ?, the thought of that wee rat squirming is quite appealing, hopefully he is swinging in the future, from a rope I mean.


As someone who has witnessed a friend die of pancreatic cancer, I really am getting weary with the whole thing. Pancreatic cancer has a survival rate of around 3% after 5 years – a virtual death sentence. Think about that for a moment.

Last edited 23 days ago by Adam
Danny Warden

😂 yes Richie they can fuck the right off.
Never will we have this poison flowing in our veins 👊

Tony K

Exactly, Fuck Off.


I would like to know how they test for these variants,a lateral flow test doesn’t tell you what flavor you have neither does the PCR test so where are they finding the new variants?


Lockdown your daughters indoors and get them vaxxed PDQ. This triple mutant variation could become the scariest thing to hit that part of the country since the Yorkshire Ripper was on the loose back in the late 1970’s. They need to form a squad and set up a special incident room. Professor Chris Whitty has already received a menacing tape cassette message from a man with a Geordie accent claiming to be acting on behalf of the virus.

Ian Margetts

E..bye gum…it saaans a reet load of cobblers it does!

Boris The Toilet Mop

Aye up variant is here? Tha’s can shove that ‘n up yer arse n all…

In other news, large numbers of people in Yorkshire know this virus is a load of bol****

Stephen Hardy

From what I could glean off the local BBC news this evening, it seems these new bullshit variants have been “recorded” in the Scunthorpe area of South Yorkshire, where there are several large-scale food production/processing factories. The report seemed to link higher than average case numbers to these production plants, many of which employ large numbers of eastern European or migrant labour. In various brief interviews (some translated) several workers stated they hadn’t had time or opportunity to get the jab yet, and it seemed some companies were providing these injections at work, maybe as a condition of employment? Maybe not, but it seemed to me this is all part of the general scare tactics to make workers in these largely minimum wage, high intensity production jobs feel more vulnerable, and thus more amenable to getting the jabs.

In terms of employers trying to force their staff to get this experimental toxic shite in them, there seems to be some positive news from the States. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued an update to its website which is not good news to companies who force their employees to take the COVID-19 experimental shot. Essentially, according to OSHA, companies may be liable for an employee’s adverse reaction to the jab if they require them to take it.

Here’s a link (though it probably won’t work!):

Penny Fulton

Today’s Big Brother Programming from The Ministry Of Truth …..
” Private life is officially abolished’ … Not ‘your’ body : but ‘your body certified under The Civilianization Code of Social Responsibility’, whose motto is :
”Not ‘your’ safety : but the safety of your neighbours.” …
What’s that you say ? ‘ You won’t be injected ?”, Well , I’m sorry but you are now in breach of The Civil ( ian ) ization Code, you will need to come away with us ….


So, the South African variant to scare black people; the Indian variant to scare Asians; and now the Mutant Ninja Turtle variant to scare those around the Humber estuary region.

Maxine Shaverin

Perhaps they played all of their marketing cards too early – limited supply, first variants, celebrity endorsements, appealing to people’s social conscience and now they have no other tactics to use other than threats …….


I’ve just watched this one which was posted to an earlier thread by another blogger.
(Mark Hilton — thank you Mark!)

This was posted by ‘The Defender’ (Children’s health defence) yesterday I believe and is simply a must see folks!

Tucker goes ‘Richie’ on the doctor with regard to the prohibition of known medical treatments during the scamdemic and the good doctor obliges with solid answers!

Check it out.. and spread it far and wide before the Gestapo tube take it down!!


And here’s the gestapo link!


Good link, Gerry.


Definitely Craig.
A rarity to see this in the mass media nowadays.
I hope it doesn’t get pulled.


Paul Simon’s just released an update of his classic ’50 ways to leave your lover’, retitled ’50 ways to say no jab’….
Lyrics include ‘ no vaccine maxine, dont be a prick dick, and what’s in that shot dot?’.

Zac Baled

😱Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid😱
🤤Its Here There and Everywhere🤤
😱Be Afraid… Be Very Afraid😱

Health officials are investigating a so-called “triple mutant” coronavirus variant in Yorkshire, but have told the public “please don’t be alarmed”. 😀😁😂🤣😃

Fortunately it seems Yorkshire and Humber have missed out on the quad variant the quad variant are combined mutations of the Kent, Greece and Chad, the Brazilian and the South African variants combined into one…. However the the UK Government Scientists are keeping a close eye on the high five variant. You may ask what is the New High Five Variant? The High Five Variant is not out yet but when it does appear rest assured it will consist of the Kent, Greece and Chad, the Brazilian the South African and the Indian variant – this mutated variant will be the most dangerous of all the variants discovered and for this people will need to take the double double booster jabs on top of the two jabs they have already taken to make sure the UK remains safe from the new high five variant. However health officials will tell the public not to panic and to keep on top of the new double double booster jabs that will be provided free of charge to keep everybody safe.


I’m in..

Hermione Granger

The variant nonsense is another way the criminals hide the Ade and clots

Penny Fulton

Never mind blood clots, I’d rather be dead than walking around like the injected clots, who think the world is a Disney cartoon and full of fairies at the bottom of garden paths ..whatever IS it they’ve been given ….
LSD and zombie juice in their Costa coffees …

Stephen Hardy

Wow yet another variant named BULLSHIT 1.1 ON 21 MAY has been “recorded mostly in the Yorkshire and Humber region”. That’s were I am. I’m afraid, so very afraid!


They’re coming to get you – all dressed as teenage mutant turtles!


Any Leeds as to who started this rumour?


Oh no Brenda, looks like you’ve succumbed to the ‘pundemic’ 🤔😂


Thanks for the ‘jab’ – here’s hoping it’s not a fatal one

Penny Fulton

No,no Don’t worry ! You too will become a zombie like everyone else …and feel much more comfortable in your surroundings . You will just feel a whole lot better …there really is nothing to worry about at all .


Matt is currently recruiting for his covid compliance team after his current brigade were mysteriously struck down with some affliction.
MInimal training necessary as you have already adopted the reassuring tone required


Could have been a number of experts in the field of Virology including Lord Lucan, Elvis, Jim Morrison, Robert Maxwell or Leon Britton?

Boris The Toilet Mop

Possibly the ‘udders variant? A cow spontaneously sneezed and the virus mutated, caught the bus to Huddersfield train station and there you go, straight into Leeds city centre.

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