“NHS App Will Be Your Vaccine Passport” – Transport Secretary

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps confirmed to SKY News this morning that an NHS app will be used as a vaccine passport for travel overseas. Shapps told SKY’s Stephen Dixon:

“I can confirm we are working on an NHS application actually, it will be the actual app [Test and Trace] and it will be the NHS app that is used for people when they book appointments with the NHS and so on, to be able to show that you’ve had a vaccine or that you’ve had testing, and I’m working internationally with partners across the world, to make sure that that system can be internationally recognised.”

Shapps also said that so-called  green-list countries – where people would not have to quarantine having returned from those places – will be announced early next month.

The question is, will the same travel app/passport be deployed domestically? There’s no reason why not. There’s nothing to prevent shops, cinemas, theatres, gyms or pubs from using the system.

Cabinet secretary Michael Gove has been in Israel, where a domestic vaccine passport system has been operating for the last couple of months. Israeli’s must have their phones scanned to get into restaurants, gyms, theatres and hotels. The unvaccinated are banned.

The smart (pun intended) money is on the new NHS app/vaccine passport being used domestically. Gove’s report on the feasibility of using such a system to help re-open the economy is imminent.


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Welsh Gregg

not sure if i will ever come home


Not too sure whether you’re not better off where you are mate.


Pure & simple they can go fk themselves what part of peoples freedom do they not understabd


Beautifully put. Mobile phone providers will be complicit in forcing these onto people’s smart phones. We’ve become all too reliant on those ‘spies in our pockets’. Return to a standard phone and leave the web at home.


I love it, it takes me a Month to get an appointment when I am I’ll, with a nurse practitioner. However I refuse the jab the doctor phones me to persuade me to get it. He has no worries it’s safe and efficient reading from the government leaflet. I tell him the truth and he told me “maybe your depressed, believing all these Conspiracy theories.


The medical profession has scored a massive own goal by betraying possibly the oldest oath of any profession; but more importantly they’ve let their patients down and damaged the bond of trust that was previously a given.


I’d be more than glad to stop making NI payments and go completely private; the GP system is essentially closed anyway.


true !


I recently left District nursing in Greater Manchester. One factor in my decision to leave was the utter cowardice of GPs who would refuse to visits patients . They would rather just send blanket DNACPRs, even to people not ill, just old.
One GP refused to enter a care home because, “she had a young family to protect “.
GPs in tameside have decided this new way of working, as in not seeing people face to face, suits them fine.
The NHS is gone. And doctors, who we assumed were clever and caring, turned out to be dumb and only worried about one person.


Why do they even bother? My trust for our doctors has been eroded and is now so thin as to be almost transparent.

Gene Hunt

So unless you have an android phone……..you’re merrily fcuked anyway!


All the more reason to go bad to a non smartphone.


Im glad i kept my old nokia 3310 brilliant ph new battery & its fully charged rareing to go

Tim in Brazil

How very unBritish of them.

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