NHS Staff May Be Forced To Have A Covid Jab

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove is leading a review into the feasibility of vaccine passport schemes. Yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, speaking from Downing Street, acknowledged that the review was considering whether doctors and care workers should be required to have the jab.

Speaking Alongside Public Health England’s Dr. Susan Hopkins, Hancock said;

“I urge everybody in the NHS to get the vaccine, and we have seen the take-up increase. We are not going to bring in mandatory vaccination across the board and at this stage we are not proposing to bring in mandatory vaccination for NHS staff.”

But, Hancock then went on to say that Michael Gove’s review was looking into the “moral, ethical and practical questions about all of these issues.”

His team is examining the possible use of vaccine passports or certificates that would allow people to prove that they have been vaccinated. Gove is expected to publish his advice on June 21st.

The UK’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty is in favour of mandating vaccines for NHS workers saying that it is the “professional responsibility” of staff to have a jab. Earlier this week the UK media claimed that as many as 200,000 NHS workers had indicated that they would refuse a vaccine.

Martin Marshall, who chairs the Royal College of GP’s told The Times;

“Informed and educated choice about health interventions would be more beneficial long-term than enforcing them, which risks leading to resentment.”


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I’m an NHS nurse in critical care and I do not want the vax. My partner is also a nurse and feels the same. We’ve got some big decisions to make.


I pray you make the right decisions. If in doubt, do nowt. 🙏


Ask yourself, do i need it. will it make me safe, what’s in it, if it doesn’t stop you from contracting this killer virus, it is not been proven to be safe blah blah blah, forget all that nonsense, use common sense, if you have none, take the jab.


I’ve never wanted the vax. It’s unnecessary for people who aren’t at risk. I dont believe in lockdown (house arrest) either. Outside work I’ve never worn a mask. There is a nasty virus going round and I’ve seen it kill several. The flu does the same though, and I’m sure many ‘flu’ victims are being classed as covid. It’s bullshit and the government, and the SAGE dickheads, should be arrested.
My problem remains though. I have a house and 4 kids, when an NHS ‘no jab, no job’ rule comes into play (and it will) what do I do?
The NHS is now an arm of government, which is a shame because there are many nurses who work hard and have the best of intentions.


I think the Government is behaving disgracefully and are essentially weaponising healthcare. They are putting you as a healthcare worker in a very difficult position. If as reported 200,000 healthcare workers have refused this vaccination then you’re actually in quite a strong position despite all of Matt Hancock’s threats and bluster. That’s far too many for the health service to dismiss, they would be unable to cope. At the moment the ball is very much in the Governments court, they have backed themselves into a corner between the European Council for Human Rights and the increasing number of refuseniks as they come down the age groups. They have vaccinated the low hanging fruit (in the care homes) and now its not quite as easy going anymore. This is why the propaganda and psychological warfare is going off the Richter scale. My own GP has refused the vaccine. I would wait for the time being and see what happens particularly once the flu season starts again in September October. Lets see how these newly reprogrammed immune systems react to the good old Common Cold. At this point the great experiment could get really ugly.


I’m just not convinced nurses will step up. Most of those I work with are good nurses but believe all the shit that’s pumped out, I never hear critical thinking.
I’ve been stunned at the stupidity of the UK’s population and its genuine affected me and how I view people. People always say they would have stood up during WW2 if they had lived in Germany or in stalin’s Russia. Well, now we know.


We are witnessing the amazing power of applied psychology and all of these techniques were pioneered by Dr Joseph Goebbels almost 100 years ago. They are following his playbook and its really quite chilling.
Its incredible that no senior NHS Doctors or managers are calling out this bullshit. They have all put their own careers and self interest first. The problem is the fascist state they are assisting with their collaboration will in due course imprison their families and children.


We are under attack, but 95% of the people cant see it, they have lost their minds, they have been scared so much they cannot think for themselves, they are lining up to get tested to see if they have a cold/flu, some are told they have a cold/flu, they reply, i feel fine no symptoms, no running nose, no aching bones, but they discard their own knowledge and lock themselves away for however long they are told, logic is thrown out they become members of the cult, it is nothing more than brainwashing, mind control conducted on a scale never seen before and we are caught up in it, My opinion on a new deadly virus is it’s a hoax, thousands of people pass every year in the U.K. from severe flu strains, even young people, all they have done is rename the usual winter afflictions covid 19, put all the fear on top of that, which can make people ill, and you have your fake pandemic, now they say the flu has disappeared, please, do you know several governments have basically said they have no proof covid exists, no papers nothing but they continue their draconian measures killing people, do what you think is the right thing for you and your family, having heard of the 200.000 nhs and care workers refusing the jab there is hope there if they stick together, easier said than done i know but that should give you a bit of hope, all the best Karras hope it works out for you and your family.


I do feel for you. It’s horrible that these heartless monsters have put you in this position. I hope you are able to stand out against this vaccine (which isn’t really a vaccine) which is neither necessary nor safe.

Web Ferrett

You can’t force anyone to have this ‘trial’ vaccine before it’s trials conclude in 2023 – even then it’s questionable in view of the Nuremberg code. So the statement being made is just fishing for current opinion – despicable that our government are playing with us all this way!

Ronald Templeman

With the saved money from no holiday it will be used to challenge these clowns and lets face it, I would think it would be difficult for a judge, if one has a lot of proof of deaths by injection.


This man has to be one of the most stupid people ever to hold ministerial office despite a lot of competition. Are they deliberately putting know nothings in relevant positions?

It says the review is looking at moral and ethical issues, what a joke. Politics and morality have long since been divorced from each other.


Ewwwwwww. Horrid picture at the top of the article. I’d love to hit Matt Cockhead in the face with a sledgehammer. I would get immense satisfaction from that 😈😡.

Ronald Templeman

It’s just that certain people makes one feel a bit aggressive.


Correct. I’m a very placid person and don’t ‘hate’ in general. I’ve only genuinely hated one person in my entire 43 years. He’s number two. I have to leave the room when he appears on television. I fear for my telly being smashed up 😬.


Completely feel the same, he don’t seem right to me. Can I give him a good bashing after you? 😂


Of course you can. You hold him while I bash him, then I’ll hold him while you bash him 😊.






Perhaps this picture is a better and more accurate likeness 😁😁


😳…. howling here! 🤣🤣🤣.


These fascist’s are doing everything they can to ensure there is not a control group of unvaxed people. Imagine if in 5 years there are many injuries and deaths due to the vax, and unvaccinated are fine. They are going to try and make sure this can’t happen, so any injuries then they will claim are long COVID (whatever the fck that is)


I think you rather hit the nail on the head with that comment.

Zac Baled

Mad Hand(on his)cock “at this stage we’re not proposing to bring in mandatory vaccinations to nhs workers”
Real translation – vaccinations for all nhs staff to become mandatory (probably within the next 3 months) otherwise no job.

If reports of 200,000 nhs staff who are refusing to get the jab are true then its about time the majority of those 200,000 now spoke up against this vaccine/virus propaganda and tell the public to what they think is actually going on. We can understand them keeping quite for the past 12 months in fear of losing their jobs and careers (they all have responsibility i.e mortgage, family commitments etc) however now is the time to speak up against the tyrants.

Its either the jab and keep the job albeit being detrimental to ones long term health
Stand up and speak up against the treasonous tyrants.

I pray whatever the future holds for the nhs and care workers in the UK its only the best for them, their families and most importantly their precious health.


In USA the government is pushing hard for even tighter censorship. Nobody with wide viewership will touch the truth.

Ronald Templeman

Resentment, if it’s bought in, that’s a joke. I will do all I can to get to France when the time comes as I need the break, and it wont be with the crap vax ever. If I don’t ever get there again I will do anything I can against these bastards till the day I die.


Me too. They are telling me that because I refuse to take a vaccine I know isn’t safe that I will never be allowed to see family and friends again in other countries or have any kind of a social life. They say it’s because of all the sick people, well where are they? Don’t know anyone who’s had it and don’t know anyone who knows anyone who’s had it.


Another tool in their armory to boost death numbers on the sly. Have you ever tried telling a propagandaphile there were less usable beds and multiple thousands of medical staff on unnecessary covid shielding over winter which could have something to do with extra death numbers and capacity percentages? It’s like talking to a breadboard. Imagine trying to tell them that probability-wise looking at current ADR figures, deaths and sick days of staff plus resignations will result in extra deaths of patients and those who can’t get seen.


It will also further the demise of the NHS (most of the service is already privately owned) and heighten the hostility towards vaccine refusers.
Those same people won’t look to themselves and ask, “are we to blame for this?”


Of course they won’t.


My breadboard is going to sue you for slander and is very insulted at being compared to these people.

Seriously though facts and evidence mean nothing to people, most won’t even listen.


The amygdala hijack is complete

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