NHS Staff Told That Microaggressions Are Worse Than Hatred

Courses on the NHS Leadership Academy’s website include a lecture from an actress who has said that people born in Britain cannot avoid being prejudiced as Britain is a country that legalised oppression.

The actress Nova Reid delivered a Ted-X talk where she declared that; “regular exposure to racial microaggressions can cause more harm than overt acts of hate.”

According to The Times:

In the 2019 Ted-X talk, Nova Reid warned that people subjected to repeated microaggressions can develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

She cited examples such as racially insensitive questions including “where are you from?”, “your hair’s like a sponge, can I touch it?” and “are your family cleaners?”

Reid, an author and former actress from Hertfordshire, describes herself as on a “mission to improve racial injustice”. She runs an online course with a £1,074 enrolment fee, including VAT.

The term microaggression is thought to have been coined by the American psychiatrist Chester Pierce in the 1970s.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a microaggression as a “statement, action, or incident regarded as an instance of indirect, subtle, or unintentional discrimination against members of a marginalised group”.

Reid said in the talk: “They are a form of everyday discrimination that we have learnt. [It is] an inevitable and unavoidable byproduct of being born into and living in a country that legalised oppression [and] that financially benefited from oppression for hundreds and hundreds of years.”

Reading out a 2015 piece of research, she added: “Regular exposure to racial microaggressions can cause more harm than overt acts of hate.”

Last year civil servants were told not to use the expression “black mark” as part of the Cabinet Office’s online lessons on allyship, privilege and microaggressions for Black History Month.

The NHS Leadership Academy offers training and resources to develop leaders. among individual staff, organisations and local academies.

Sources at NHS England stressed that the NHS Leadership Academy courses were not mandatory. A spokesman said: “This is not an NHS video and these online courses are not part of any required training.”

Microaggressions. Manna from heaven for a minority with a chip on his shoulder. All that matters is the perception of the complainant. The accused has no chance. It matters not that you haven’t done or said anything to offend anyone.

He feels your unconscious bias, therefore it must be real. To deny it is to gaslight him.





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A few mixed messages on this subject, it’s bad to insult people but it doesn’t matter if you call them names.

The WEF must be shaking with fear at the very thought of their opponents.


Furfuxake (Apologies for swearing). If I had a pound or dollar for every-time I was called a name (I refrain from using the term insulted as people that are unable to take any form of insult do not have a spine.), I’d have enough money to buy a really cheap petrol guzzling or diesel swilling second hand car.
Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me or was it that weapons of mass destruction were never found in Iraq as they say.
This snowflakery, woke, eternally offended, politically correct nonsense is in it’s last throes of little to zero relevance.

Microaggression is a word used by snowflakes or professional victims.

I don’t care what people call me, but never ever call me late for dinner!

Last edited 6 days ago by Aldo

If there was no money to be made, status to be achieved, or power to be grabbed, does anyone think that any of the so-called ‘intellectuals’ would actually give a damn?


All those times I have been asked where I’m from. I thought the askers were just interested or perhaps seeking to improve their knowledge, but all this time they were committing microaggressions against me. And I didn’t even know it.
Funny how that works.

But then I don’t go around looking for people to accuse them of the modern equivalent of witchcraft.

Karen m

Absolutely. I lived in Italy for a short time years ago and was always being asked where I was from. I was even asked on a couple of occasions if I was German and I wasn’t even wearing my swastika at the time! If only I’d realised I should have been offended! Madness, eh.

But seriously, it’s crazy, isn’t it.


Just more regression under the illusory banner of progressivism.


Me too. I lived in Italy for a time and was always being asked where I was from. I also got taken for German a time or two. I never saw anything wrong in it. You’re right, utter madness.


Now that comment really could be construed as microaggression (whatever it means) by some German folk.


“If you care to take a closer look at the way things really stand,

You’d see we’re all just niggers to the rulers of this land.”

White Punks On Hope, Crass 1979.

Karen m

I think I’ve still got a couple of old Crass records in the loft! I’ll have to look that one up.


Me too, ha, ha, thanks.

Stations of Crass, Crass 1979.


I am not he, nor master, nor lord
No crown to wear, no cross to bear in stations
I am not he, nor shall be, warlord of nations
These heroes have run before me
Now dead upon the flesh piles, see?
Waiting for their promised resurrection, there is none
Nothing but the marker, crown or cross, in stone upon these graves
Promise of the ribbon was all it took
Where only the strap would leave its mark upon these slaves

Out from your palaces, princes, and queens
Out from your churches, you clergy, you Christs
I’ll neither live nor die for your dreams
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise

What flag to thrust into this flesh
Rag, bandage, mop in their flowing death
Taken aside, they were pointed away, for god, queen, and country
Now in silence, they lie
They ran beside these masters, children of sorrow
As slaves to that trilogy, they had no future
They believed in democracy, freedom of speech
Yet dead on the flesh piles
I hear no breath, I hear no hope, no whisper of faith
From those who have died for some others’ privilege

Out from your palaces, princes, and queens
Out from your churches, you clergy, you Christs
I’ll neither live nor die for your dreams
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise
(I’ll make no subscription to your paradise)
I’ll make no subscription to your paradise

Last edited 6 days ago by Nev
Karen m

Another one I’d forgotten about! I’m gonna have to get up in the loft and re-familiarise myself with some of their stuff!



Karen m

Just looked it up. I’d forgotten all about it. Brilliant. Says it all really.


Yip, it really does.


What about the one where a coloured rating joins a ship.

Shouts down the ladder to his new mess “Below, have you got any n****s in the mess?”

The answer comes back “no F**k off”

New guy throws kit bag down ladder and shouts “Well you have now


That was onboard HMS Ajax in 1978, the mess 3E, the Gunners Mess and the Seaman Missileman was one ‘Angelseal’. He had a broad Geordie accent to boot! I was there and it is not a myth.

My real name is on the website that post originates from, the filter on here does not allow me to link to it.

Hopefully it will educate few on here as to whose shoulders those chips really sit on.

Karen m

Yeah, brilliant. I can imagine the scene! Hilarious! Or am I not allowed to find it funny, but rather take it oh so seriously because of the racism you imply and not see the humour in what you did? But you’re talking about 1978.

I was around then and, even though I know there was racism and discrimination at that time there really wasn’t that I personally witnessed. We all got on great and we mixed in together, maybe because we found ourselves to be fundamentally similar in many ways, no culture clash or anything like that. The English (not all, because it can never be all) back then were warm, friendly, with a great sense of humour and so were black people. It’s always problematic when a country suddenly takes in a large influx of people from elsewhere, too much to go into, but I’m sure you understand that. But there was so much potential for it all to turn out just fine given a period of adjustment for some, the ones that sadly WERE racist if that really is the right word.

But then the mini series Roots came out. My family and I watched it, occasionally cried over it, loved Kunta Kinte, Chicken George and Kizzie (and John Boy Walton who played the nice white bloke on one of the plantations) and despised the slave owners. But I went back to school to find some of the black girls now had ‘chips on their shoulders ‘ where there didn’t seem to be any before. And there was a bit of anti-whiteness simmering away too. Some division beginning maybe.

Then maybe around 1980 we had the Skinhead thing, shaved heads, Harrington jackets and hating blacks being what a lot of the idiots thought being a skinhead meant. I now wonder how the Skinhead ‘movement’ came about, and more importantly, why?

Then we had the Commission for Racial Equality and the years of ‘positive discrimination’ that followed. Positive discrimination causes resentment and further division. How could it not? It’s unfair, racist and discriminatory. It’s an oxymoron really. I know some football coaches who were constantly told in the 80s to ‘bring the black lads through’ regardless of merit. The amount of black players in the league now does not represent the amount of black people in the population. I’m not saying it should. Skin colour should be totally irrelevant, but all we ever hear is that there are not enough black managers!! Mental. White presenters are ‘let go’ and replaced with black or Asian presenters. I think it’s white people who are getting the bad deal here.

We all know that to get a job at our local council you stand a much better chance if you’re black, Asian, gay or disabled. Now that’s being encouraged, almost enforced I’d say, everywhere.

White people are being demonized for being white and are being discriminated against. I know black people suffered that same discrimination years ago, but is it ok now to say let’s do it all again but the other way round?? They want a boiling pot of racial tension, of division in any which way, and if we don’t all see that and call it out together, that’s probably what they’ll get.


Take no notice of rsoles like Craig Karen.
I saw and still see the humour, it was the best way to deal with relentlessly ignorant questions such as, ‘do you get sunburnt’ and do you blush😂, worryingly though my sexual partners never asked me why I was so well endowed.

I too encountered very little racism, when it did happen however I never knew if the perpetrator would turn violent, so I did tend to get my blows in first.

The people of my generation who whine about positive discrimination nowadays are most likely the ones who kept quite when the nonsense was at it’s worst.

People are being demonised because they won’t take an experimental pharmaceutical product, as I’ve already stated it’s a shame the energy spent by those with chips on their shoulders was not concentrated on that fact, it’s far more serious than giving the likes of me a job cos I is black 😁


Poor old Craig! Not even involved in this discussion. Sounds a bit like microaggression to me!


😂 😂

Karen m

Ha ha! Very good! I don’t get the Craig thing either.


Yes. Insulting someone who is not involved in this discussion would perhaps suggest that one has a chip on their shoulder dating back to a previous disagreement! Oh dear!

Karen m

Could be! Come on, Angelseal, what’s going on? Nothing major, surely? Agree to disagree and get along, at least on here? Too much division elsewhere!


Agree to disagree like this Karen ? 😂

The moral of the story is that you behaved like Tommy Robinson, Will Smith, and all the woke who believe offensive words should be met with physical violence.
What next? Stone a child for not showing you respect?

Karen m

Oh, blimey, I’ll have to go back and read through some old posts! What he said, what you said and so on, but I would have to agree with Craig that offensive words should surely not be met with physical violence? You did that back when things were different and you were young. I’m sure I did things when I was a lot younger that I could now, with more wisdom (hopefully!) I could readily admit were wrong and that I wouldn’t do now.


He turned around and confronted me Karen, the violence was nothing to do with his words, I kept on walking.

I did try and explain on the other thread but the filter blocked my responses, I realise now that was down to the fact I was trying to post the link to the navy-net site.

Seems you have already made your mind up though, water off a ducks back as far as I’m concerned 😁

Karen m

I don’t generally make my mind up without leaving room to change it. That’s not how you explained it originally and you can’t blame people for drawing conclusions when they don’t have the full story! Fair enough if it’s water off a duck’s back, but you didn’t need to add that bit!😀


😂 😂

Karen m

Ha ha!

I’m sure the constant questions, no doubt often simply down to curiosity, got on your nerves, but I was always jealous of black people with the blushing thing. I used to blush a lot and with my pale skin it was blatantly obvious, whereas I thought it would be handy if I was black because it wouldn’t show!

But on a serious note, I don’t know why you are calling Craig an A hole? I’m new here but have read a lot of his posts. He comes across as intelligent and fair and never an A hole??

I can’t agree that the people ‘whining’ about positive discrimination now are the ones that kept quiet or accepted discrimination years ago. What makes you think that? Everyone I’ve ever known has always been against it and were largely always up in arms whenever they heard about discrimination towards black people, when discrimination.really did exist.

And yes, people are demonized for not having those jabs or not wearing masks and all that, but I’m surprised you don’t see that all this black/white, positive discrimination lark is part of the same agenda at the end of the day? It’s not about chips on shoulders. Nobody’s got chips on their shoulders.


Absolutely agree, It is part of the same agenda Karen, but it looks like people are biting big time.

Also no matter how much I explain my stance you still seem to think I’m a part of some divide, skin colour is irrelevant to me as is culture, why do you assume I don’t see this ?

Those same people that are biting now will be crying in their chips when they join the group known as ‘niggers’.

Fair enough, you disagree with my assertion regarding the whiners, but their whining is totally illogical hence my opinion.

At the end of the day I don’t hear many black people crying about racism, I do hear people doing so on their behalf but I doubt they were raised on council estates and experienced the comradery that existed among people of all backgrounds living in the same shitholes.

Karen m

Ok, thanks, I understand you more now. Your last paragraph is pretty much spot on, only there ARE a fair few black people (far from all, if course)
and white people crying about racism these days and falling for all the divisive propaganda


Good points all the way through but just want to clarify Skinheads, they started in the late 60’s, gone by the mid 70’s, loved reggae music and stuff, just working class guys being working class and expressing it, working boots, shaved heads and donkey jackets and braces, nothing to do with 80’s pop culture. Original Skinheads did not make pop culture status first time round, too working class, not media driven fake Skinheads. Key words, media driven pop culture, otherwise known as media programming for profits. Mods and rockers, Hippies and Rockers, Skinheads and Greasers (Greasers are Rockers) Punks and Rockers or Greasers, pop cultures driven by profit, Rockers have always been Rockers and sometimes Greasers, rock being a trigger word for pop culture and music profits. 

Skinhead Moonstomp
Album by Symarip
April 1970
British Afro-Caribbean ska and reggae.

Karen m

Yes, course Nev, you’re right. The original skinheads were not the same thing eh.


No I don’t think they where and they where not against black people as far I know, not the first time round but there was an air of violence around them. If I remember correctly the band Slade formed 1966 where skinheads originally but told to change their image because it wasn’t what the media wanted, that was early 70’s.

Last edited 6 days ago by Nev
Karen m

That’s interesting, about the Slade thing.

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