Nigel Farage has been accused of discussing conspiracy theories linked to antisemitism during a series of interviews with Alex Jones on Infowars. Farage has been appearing with Jones since 2009. There's nothing new about that. The interviews have been seen by tens of millions of YouTube users. According to The Guardian, Farage repeatedly used phrases such as “globalists” and “new world order”, when speaking with Jones. Laughably, The Guardian claims that these terms are associated with antisemitism, or that they are known antisemitic tropes.

What monumental bollox! Was George H. W. Bush referring to Jewish power when he talked about the New World Order in the weeks before the Persian Gulf War? Of course not. Bush was speaking back then about the agenda for global governance or a one world government, with Washington pulling the strings. Remember what he said? He said; "There is no substitute for American leadership" and "Now, we can see a new world coming into view....A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. The Gulf war put this new world to its first test." 

He was speaking about a new order for the world and using the threat of global terrorism to promote it. The idea was that individual nation states working in their own selfish interests couldn't properly respond to a crisis like Iraq. But with closer alignment and more and more centralised control of defence policies and military spending, it would be easier to deal with global threats. That's what the term New World Order means. It's a world in which national sovereignty is diluted and diluted to the point where the country you live in is sovereign in name only. It's a world in which decisions which impact the people of any given nation state are made by people they have never heard of, from halfway around the world. It is tyranny. In one particular stint on Infowars, Farage summed it up by saying that the banking and political systems are working “hand in glove” in an attempt to disband nation states and "Globalists" are trying to engineer a world war in a bid to introduce a worldwide government. Of course that is true yet only the half of it.

Whatever you think of Nigel Farage and his view of the world, he's no antisemite. It's farcical to suggest otherwise. But then isn't the timing of this particular smear very interesting? Farage's new vehicle The Brexit Party has hit the ground galloping, with the weekends polling suggesting that he will top the poll in the coming European parliament elections. So where has this come from? Well.....Israel loves the EU. Here's a snip from a Jerusalem Post article dated April 6th this year. It was written by Emanuele Giaufret, the EU's ambassador to Israel. It's a lovefest.

The relationship between the EU and Israel is very close and deep-rooted. Israel was one of the first countries to establish relations with the EU (then the European Economic Community) back in the 1950s. And in 1976 we had our first trade agreement. Just think of how trade between Israel and the EU has gone from €2 billion to €36b. since then. The European Union is Israel’s largest trading partner. Bilateral cooperation is extensive in many areas, such as in transport, industry and agriculture, but also in justice and home affairs. Cooperation on security issues, antiterrorism and antisemitism is growing, and we have proposed negotiations allowing for Israel’s exchange of information with Europol...Israel and the EU are getting closer, and we feel there is still more to offer. A key example is the development of gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean, which places the EU-Israel relationship at a crossroads and is about to add a whole new strategic dimension to our cooperation. As recently expressed by Energy Minister Steinitz himself, Europe is the natural market for eastern Mediterranean gas. And the EU and Israel understand that our challenges are increasingly common, whether on climate change, contributing to economic growth and development in Africa, or managing global migration flows.

Yes Israel has no greater friend than the EU, except maybe for the US of course. This is a classic example of Hasbara. The Israeli government pays thousands of trolls around the world to throw muck at their chosen targets. It's a hugely successful propaganda programme and it is out in force today. While the IDF is murdering more and more Palestinians, including pregnant women and children and while the corrupt psychotic Prime Minister is talking about a ground invasion of Gaza, our media is focusing on spurious allegations of antisemitism and turning a blind eye to the sickening crimes of a brutal Apartheid regime. And the beat goes on.