Nightingale Hotel Owner Says Only Red-Pilled Guests Are Welcome!

I had an email from listener Debbie this morning. She told me that there’s a hotel on the Isle of Wight that is welcoming red-pilled guests only and advising “maskholes” and “vaxaholes” to stay away. That cheered me up no end.

I went on the hotel’s website and sure enough, there was a clear message on the site’s welcome page:


No Maskholes or vaxaholes welcome!

Fantastic eh? A few minutes later I was on the phone with Dino Joachim, the owner of the hotel himself. He sounded great and agreed to come on with me later. Join me at 5pm on this site and the usual channels. Dino will join me in hour two.


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Well done Dino! A real strong and positive good news story.

I suffer from fibromyalgia too and manage to keep down a full time job (though sure I don’t do as much as you!).

Best wishes


Is it open to the public (public bar )


Brilliant! Thank you for making a stand. Will definitely be booking a visit and sharing this with people.

Sophie Athena Mae

I’m pleased you are taking this stance to only allow mask exempt customers and can’t abide the Woke community either but what have you got against people who are into the occult. Please don’t say you are one of those who fall for the christian influenced conspiracy theories who think anyone involved in esoteric groups sacrifice babies and drink their blood. Those who believe such madness do the anti lockdown movement no favours. Would you support another genocide against pagans and witches because Christians label them as being under the influence of some mythical Satan character?


I think you may have misread the message. “NWO WOKE OCCULTISTS and their minions”.
English is foreign to me but the way I read it I gather it appears to be addressed not to occultists in general, whatever they may worship but specifically to ‘NWO WOKE” crowd.

Dino Joachim

Spot on! Thank you

Urban fox

Hi,good to meet you. Can’t understand why all the negative ticks to your post. As a practicing occultist,I know exactly where your coming from. And I speak as someone with over 30 years experience,study and research.All the best, U.F

Urban fox

Also anyone who truly understands these matters know that power comes from within. Therefore spirits,entities and powers are not worshiped. These forces are used. The illuminati also know this.They don’t worship satan,they manipulate dark forces. But this is not the same thing. Though some lunatics and some illuminate use human sacrifice. As a way of quickly increasing there energy. But it is not to do with worship. There are some satanic cults,but they are an inversion of Christianity.

Dino Joachim

Hi Sophie, the person who replied to you gave the right answer. Not sure why you got so many dislikes for your question/comment. I agree completely with you. I have the utmost respect for pagans I do live on the Isle of Wight after all and respect the energy that exists here. Many people think paganism is some kind of Luciferian religion. They don’t get it. I’m Christian and a practicing Buddhist but I am aware that the energy here on the isle is Pegan.

Sophie Athena Mae

Hi Dino, Thank you for your understanding and polite response. We have been attacked in the recent past by people who take the traditional view of the church to practising occultists. I even had to stop a home ed group I set up for my children because they were so freaked out when they came to our house and saw our library and occult paraphernalia. UK Column aren’t even open to discussion about alternative spiritual beliefs. I used to watch their show until I discovered their stance and how they have gone after innocent families, labeling them child abusers for being into the occult or nature religions. Anyway, it sounds like we are on the same page. I’m sorry I misunderstood. Hopefully meet some day!


I didn’t put a dislike on your post because I don’t agree with doing that, if people don’t agree they should debate. I’m not a pagan but I don’t believe in conventional religion which to my way of thinking is about control. I do definitely believe in spirituality and that we live more than one life and that there are different realms of existence. Also I do feel a great connection with the natural world which I believe is part of paganism.

Perhaps you should get in touch with Richie. I’m sure he would be delighted to do an interview with you to discuss your beliefs and as you know you would get a fair go from him.


Satan is not a mythical character he is a real person who has recently announced he has filed for divorce against his wife Melinda Gates 😎😎

Sophie Athena Mae

Ha ha! I agree you there! 🙂


I think it’s a sort of a PR campaign in order to show the Joe Bag’o’Donuts that these creatures are also like the rest of us and nothing human is alien to them. They may look alike but with each passing day I am more convinced that John Carpenter’s They Live were in fact a documentary after all …

Jackie Adam

Sorry Sophia – I’m a Christian and have been for many years and I don’t know what you are talking about !! I would challenge you to find a local church and go to a couple of services and find out for yourself. One thing I will say is that Satan and evil is very real and certainly not mythical !!
Hope you take up my challenge
Best wishes x


Well done Dean great news we need more ppl like you get our country open & running


Excellent! I love the idea of a place my hubby can’t go and I can, he doesn’t care that I may be barred from public places in the future. He’s a fully fledged blue pill addict (not viagra, although he might need it after his vaccine going by the reports)

Drew Wardle

Sounds like the ideal hotel for us. Never been to the Isle of Wight so will look at booking a few days away later. Will we be allowed on the ferry without showing papers or being tested otherwise could be a tad tricky. Loving the maskholes and vaxaholes.


Shedding is a huge concern! I suspect as more information and news is know about the transfer/shedding from vaccinated people this should become a norm quite quickly. More attention is needed with this.


Critically Thinking with Dr. Tenpenny and Dr. Larry Palevsky as we share our webinar with special guests:

Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Lee Merritt, and our moderator Maureen McDonald.
Shedding vs Transmission and why there is a difference.
Unknown Transmissions.
Blood clots and Bleeding.
Potential infertility and more.


That’s great, it needs more like him. I’d be there like a shot if I knew how to get there from Ireland against all the restrictions.

Someone told me that the ‘non essential’ shops would be opening here on 10th May so I was looking forward to going into the nearest city and having a look round and getting a few things I need. I spoke to a friend on the phone and she said it isn’t actually like that. All you will be able to do is buy things either online or on the phone and then go personally to collect them, you won’t be able to look round the shops. How is this any different to the full lockdown we currently have?


More of this please!



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