No activation mail? Other issues too.

Hi all,

As ever the adventure never stops. We’ve noticed a major uptick in support requests letting us know that e-mails for activation and notifications aren’t coming through. After no small amount of checking it turns out our IP (along with a huge range around us) are listed on a couple of rather obscure blocklists. Despite being sent in the wrong direction by Microsoft we’re on it now and hope to have a solution in place for early next week. I’m really sorry it’s taken a while to isolate the issue but it really was like the world’s dullest game of whack-a-mole.

In other news it seems we’re being bombarded with spam accounts. Thought they very rarely get to post in public areas it is something we’ve noticed and many of you have brought to our attention (thanks!). Sadly this is a side effect of popularity, luckily our systems still seem to be holding the majority of these accounts in a pending status. I’ll keep doing what I can to calm this down. Apologies for the “new member” spam on social.

If there’s more news, I’ll pass it along.



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Quick question for admin..
(Or anyone who KNOWS!!)

How do you delete posts or activity from your profile page and the main forum threads.

It appears the option to edit or remove the posts change when you sign out or change from thread to thread.
(ie.. the option is there to begin with, but is gone when you leave the thread and come back to it!!)

It also appears that “all activity” within the social posts to include changing your profile photo/avatar etc gets posted on the ‘social forum’ thus making it look untidy!
(eg. Spent an hour or two trying to figure out how to put up a photo… And every friggin fruitless attempt is now there for eternity and I can’t undo this damage!!! —got the photo up in the end though! 😁)


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

You can delete your own posts on the social thread (and your own page), by clicking the three tiny dots at the right hand side of your post. I do sometimes find that if I jump from the news articles to the social side, I get logged out. So could that be why you think the delete option disappears? You may be logged out. I can’t figure out how to delete comments on the news articles though. I can only seem to edit them.


Thanks Jo!

I’ll give it a try!



SalutΓ© JO!!




I got rid of it…(The carnage I caused to my sacred profile!)

It’s all sprucey lucey once more!!!

Joy to the world!!!


Oh wait… What’s that f*””ker doing over there with the triple masks and the face shield… The rubber gloves!!?

Ahhhhh Jaaaaayzusss chriiiiiSSSST!!

What is this!!!!


Last edited 1 month ago by Gerry

πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ» *takes a bow*.

Glad you’ve sorted it.

Oh eck, sounds like you’re at my workplace. Did the loon have 3 plastic aprons on as well 🀣


No… But they had their own hand sanitiser!!

Went mad at it…

“Over the gloves!!!”




Ahhhhh one of my favourites. The β€˜gel over the gloves’ phenomenon. I know someone that does that constantly. I want to shake the silly sod πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ.



Twud do em no harm!


Tempted. Very very tempted. I literally have to stop myself snatching that god damn sanitiser from her. She’s too far gone. Not a hope in hell of saving that one! 🤣

Last edited 1 month ago by Jo26

They’d be better off staying at home and living out the rest of their lives there..

Seriously… Just fucken stay there.. ALL OF THEM!!

Then we can save the world and go after the slave masters ourselves without any obstacles or distraction!!

But when all is said and done… We can pretend to the zombies that there’s too many ‘variants’ of the cold out now.. and we got rid of all the big pharma corporations…. So unfortunately.. we’re all out of any more mRNA therapies…

But you’ll be ok ..

Stay safe…

Stay at home!!

Where they fn belong!!



I’m with you πŸ‘πŸ»



Love it!!




Tempted. Very very tempted. I literally have to stop myself snatching that god damn sanitiser from her. She’s too far gone. Not a hope in hell of saving that one! 🀣




Oh eck, double posted πŸ€¦πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ. I don’t suppose you’ve figured out how to delete posts from this section?? 🀣


Not a clue!!!




Web Ferrett

I gave up trying to register an account a few weeks ago – but today it worked and I got my e-mail – so thanks – and now I feel part of the family πŸ™‚


Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Urban fox

I’m having big problems with writing Te x and with this site. And with Vernons site. ??

Urban fox

Problems Writing messages. May not be your end. Possibly my end. Been getting locked out of site as well. And getting locked out of Vernons site. Even though he doesn’t have pass words.

Urban fox

But thanks for reply.

Glad to hear You-guys are workin’ on the…problems.
Since I posted last, 5 days ago, I’ve had…serious computer problems.
I hope I finally ‘fixed the problem’ today.
That’s why I haven’t posted anything the past few days.
Just so You ALL know.
Cheers & Have a nice Friday Evening and Weekend.
All-the-Best, Chris


what does that mean mate, if chris’s posts are being picked up by spam, is it significant, just asking , i am not a techie so to speak just nosey, the post above from the fox he probably meant text.


I’ve posted a few links to videos which I believe to be relevant to the thread and subsequently received a brief message saying ‘awaiting approval’ after which the entire message disappears.

With respect to the site (and Richie!), i think it’s entirely fair that some content be filtered for approval, however it can be frustrating for a poster who genuinely feels they’ve something vital to bring to the table..

In my case, I see this site as a bastion of genuine truth and a last stand against this current impasse of tyranny, so in my opinion, it’s critical that vital information needs to get out there as soon and in any way possible!

With that in mind…

I’ve one or two ‘interesting videos’ in my page which seem to be ok with the RA site censors should anyone want to take a



Use the method which I’ve been using i.e. place 3 — between the p & s at https .
As you know, links can be used as ‘backdoors’ in multiple ways.
If someone really is interested in the subject matter contained in the links, they will definitely take the few seconds to remove the 3 — .
May I also suggest a, short summation of what the link includes, in order to help guide people what’s important to see.
I heard recently that ‘attention spans’ are now down to 5-seconds
Only a few years ago it was 8-seconds.
*Goldfish* have an attention span of 7-seconds if I remember correctly.
I’m old-fashion.
I’ve never had a smartphone.
My old & simple cellphone is Off unless I use it a few times a month for a few minutes only.
Am I anti-tech.
I actually 1st did simple computer programming, with punchcards almost 50 yrs ago. Need I say more.
B Good friend.
Look at my comment ^^above^^. Cheers.

Cheers Christopher!

I’ll try that as an option!

Some useful tips there!

Urban fox

Possibly a fault? I got that 4 days solid. Could not post anything!


Thanks admin.. but the posts actually vanished off the screen entirely. One did make it through though and I received an email confirming it was approved but only after a few days… and by then the post was no longer a ‘current’ discussion topic?
(ie. It had vanished from the front page — though better late than never!!)

So, that just made me cautious while posting.

Though know that I personally wouldn’t put anything up here that I didn’t consider useful or valuable to our current dilemma and all that goes with it!!

I’ll probably adopt the suggestions Christopher makes here and put in some kind of description with the adjusted link the next time I attempt it.

Thanks again for the update.



Only so many hours in the day!!

Thanks for trying and getting back.

I appreciate all you’re doing.


Look ^^above^^. Cheers.

Urban fox

Yeah I did, well spotted thanks mate.


cheers mate.

Good Morning.
Concerning…’problems’, Please listen to what I have to say now.
I’ll be ‘speaking’ both…*cryptically* and…’literally’, digitally-speaking.
About Β½ hour ago, I finally(hopefully) was ‘informed'(Warned!) about…an additional(!) problem with my computer.
I’ve implemented the *recommended* safety procedure now.
I’m keeping my fingers X-crossed.
Why’s this soo important to take up now?
Let’s just say I suggest You look at ALL vulnerabilities with this website.
I’ve got a sneaky-suspicion that somekind’a something is coming thru/has been hidden by….*The Usual Suspects*.
Look’s like my usage a week ago with the ‘lizards’ & ‘lady’ wasn’t soo popular with someone at, let’s see, gee…head 1/4:s.
Smile :)))
No Worries.
In the meantime, I’m logging-out, if You know what I mean.
Cheers Chris


I noticed the spam accounts too. I’m not very technical, but did find it suspicious.


Thankyou for doing what you do. It can’t be easy.



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