A nurse has had her one-year-old son taken from her after a social worker complained about the way she let him sit in a toy car. The Social worker said that the toy car was inappropriate for his age and told a family court judge how she had concerns about the nurse's "basic parenting skills" after observing her with the child in a play area. Judge Eleanor Owens heard how the social worker also felt that the woman had not fed the boy appropriately and had not changed his nappy appropriately. I never knew that there was a government manual on feeding and changing babies and that to deviate from it could see your child stolen from you. Did you?!? I mean what the fuck like? The little boy has now been sent to live with relatives. His mum will have supervised visits. 

The judge claimed that although the woman was a qualified nurse, she had an "extremely low range' of intellectual inability." The social worker concerned watched the woman spend about an hour holding her son who was sitting in a Bob The Builder car. She then filed a report declaring that the woman "maintained limited eye contact and communication" with her son and claimed that the Bob The Builder toy car was "inappropriate" for his age because there was "a potential risk of him falling if his mum lost control of him." This is not a joke. Some miserable fucking busybody jumped up little Hitler decided that Mum wasn't maintaining eye contact with baby and put him in the wrong toy car and then concluded that she is unfit.  So the boy must be removed!! And what's worse of course is the judge signing off on it. You think you live in a free country? Look at this:

Paragraph 2 of section 31 of the 1989 Children's act states that:

A court may only make a care order or supervision order if it is satisfied—

(a) that the child concerned is suffering or is likely to suffer significant harm and (b) that the harm or likelihood of harm is attributable to

(i) the care given to the child, or likely to be given to him if the order were not made, not being what it would be reasonable to expect a parent to give to him; or

(ii) the child’s being beyond parental control.

It's a Minority Report style system. Thousands of children are taken from their parents each year in the UK for what they might do! I've covered it all on this show. See my conversations with film producer Emma Ibbitson, who hasn't seen her daughter in years! Her crime? Emma put the child in a road safety film that had been commissioned by a local authority. I'm not shitting you! https://www.petemiddletonpictures.co.uk/traffic-2 Don't forget Luke Maguire either. Luke and his partner didn't want to vaccinate their child again after he'd had a horrendous reaction to his first injection. Why unleash a toxic tidal wave of shit into a barely developed immune system? The SS (social services) didn't like that, so the baby was stolen from his loving parents. I could go on and on, indeed dozens of victims of this tyranny have appeared on The RA Show. Did you know that the UK is the only country in Europe that takes children from parents based on future risk of emotional harm? It destroys the children's lives. Think I'm exaggerating? Think again. Labour MP Anne Coffey revealed recently that over 9,000 children went missing from care homes in 2017. What has become of them? What a story right? Why isn't it emblazoned across the front pages of the UK's papers? Maybe it is because many of the missing will be sexually abused, trafficked or fall into prostitution and drug abuse. The media doesn't want to know about any of that right?

Kidnapping children from loving parents is a lucrative business. Judges, lawyers and hired experts rake in hundreds of thousands of pounds a year. Adoption agencies make millions and foster families can earn hundreds, if not thousands of pounds a week. 32,810 children were taken into care in 2017. Wow! Could it be that there are so many shit parents in the UK? Of course not. This is Nazi Germany on steroids. Children are being disappeared in the middle of the night or at the crack of dawn, by Social Workers who are protected by police officers. Yes of course there are children who need help, kids who have been battered or abused by a parent or sibling, but those are the exceptions. The rule is in fact cases involving future risk of emotional harm. It's a catch-all system. You could lose your child because you listen to shows like mine, because you have strong feelings about medicine, vaccinations, schooling or whatever. You might be a conspiracy theorist, therefore you're likely to have a negative impact on the development of your kid. You might be a recovering alcoholic. You might even have been abused yourself. Or you might have bought the wrong sized Bob The Builder go-kart for your son, you monster! New parents take heed. You are being watched from the shadows by those who stand to make a very tidy sum of money, if they can convince a family court judge that you are unfit.

Fore more info see https://forced-adoption.com/


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