Nutty Professor – “Hugs Should Be Short & Not Face To Face!”

Leeds University Professor Cath Noakes, a member of  SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), has told the BBC that people should keep their hugs as short as possible and avoid face to face contact at all costs. What a doughnut.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has just granted the nation permission to hug people outside of their own bubbles. Speaking from Downing Street last night, Johnson said that hugs will return next Monday May 17th.

But people are being urged to exercise caution. “Hug, but be careful” is the message. Professor Cath Noakes agrees. “Hug, but hug safely,” she told the beeb.

Speaking in a personal capacity, she told the broadcaster that it would worry her “if we were advocating we could hug all of our friends every time we meet them again” as it would “perpetuate an awful lot of additional close contact that could spread the virus”.

She went on to say:

“The reality is that when you hug someone you are very close to them and we know the virus is in people’s breath and you are very close to that breath at that moment.”

So we should hold our breath while hugging? Should we carry a balaclava and a pair of rubber gloves with us, just in case an opportunity for a hug presents itself?

I said on last night’s Richie Allen Show that when this is all over, every one of these sell-out professors should be lined up and horsewhipped in public.

But the media is worse. A BBC presstitute sincerely asked Johnson last night, if he felt that we should hold off on hugs for another month. I dream every night of being in the press pack at one of these briefings. Oh the things I’d say to that straw-haired barrel of monkey spunk. I would destroy him.


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Sage stupid bitch and on the subject of Sage the main advisor too the government is a Susan Michie,a Communist piece of garbage,look her up.



I can’t get past the shielded couple preparing to consummate their relationship.

Torn wrappers and all!!

But I got to wondering, what if they removed them and broke into some type of ritualistic song and dance??

And what might it sound and look like??


Could it go a little like this??



I want it on my playlist! 😂

Zac Baled

When ive been at the supermarkets I have noticed how the “frontline workers” take a step back when ive gone asking for some assistance.

The public in general have been so brainwashed into believing that every other person is a potential convid carrier is quite damaging.

Next time you go to a supermarket try not to wear a face mask and just look at the stares and reactions you get – they look at you in a like ‘how dare you, wheres your pathetic face mask’ in a kind of eye popping stare.

The longterm effects of this nonsense virus bs is going to stay within our society for years to come thanks to these pathetic pseudo proffessors.

I reckon there never will be a normal normal interaction with a stranger ever again… ofcourse when one is drunk then itll be a different matter, lol.


I never wear a mask and I get just the reaction that you state. The saddest thing is being stared at by small children as if I’m some sort of oddity and I’ve even had comments from children.


I’ve had that with the kids. Poor sods look terrified.

Zac Baled

Oops sorry wrong thread

Last edited 1 month ago by Zac Baled

If face to face hugging is off the table, then what? Hugging from behind? That’s a bit awkward because of the placement of hands issue.
I’m waiting for the wokelets to scream about ‘consent’ and ‘sexual harassment’ (which they are increasingly likely to do as normal human interactions are de-normalised).

Marissa Oatley

Hugs are amazing, and long big bear hugs with cheek to cheek action yesssss the absolute best I’m a hug addicted I guess I just cant give them up nor will I ever.😉 7 long good hugs(plus more lol) from people that love you everyday has never disappointed me to living a happy healthy life.
I love you BBG and the family.💛 hope y’all are doing great!


Well said. If two people want to hug each other that’s entirely their own business. We should make out own decisions in life.

Marissa Oatley

How are you friend? Well agreed, everyone should and does have the right as it is their life to live and no one else’s ❤

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