NYC Spends More Than $200k On Drag Queen Story Hour

New York City has spent over $200,000 on sending drag queens into elementary schools since 2018. The city’s department of education claims the scheme promotes inclusivity and helps reduce violence against transgender people.

Some parents are outraged that they weren’t been consulted.

According to The Mail Online:

New York City has been spending heavily on sending drag queens into its public elementary schools, dropping more than $200,000 on appearances since 2018.

Just last month, records show the city paying $46,000 to send Drag Story Hour NYC to public schools, libraries, and street festivals, according to the New York Post.

Some parents say the programs were booked without their consent, while city officials have responded with outrage, according to the Post.
The news comes as debates rage across the country about how gender identity and young children should interact.

In 2022 alone, Drag Story Hour NYC has made 49 appearances at 34 public schools in New York City, according to its website.

The organization characterizes itself as promoting inclusivity, creativity, and acceptance of the self in children, by exposing them to drag queens reading similarly thematic books.

‘Through fun and fabulous educational experiences, our programs celebrate gender diversity and all forms of difference to build empathy and give kids the confidence to express themselves however they feel comfortable,’ the website reads.

Images from the site show people dressed in bedazzled dresses, shimmering wigs, and heavy eye shadow, reading to young children in classroom, and even helping the kids apply makeup themselves.

The company has received $207,000 from taxpayers since 2018, records show. $50,000 of that has come from the New York State Council on the Arts, and the other $157,000 from the NYC Department of Education, the Department of Youth and Community Development, the Department of Transportation, and Cultural Affairs.

The funds were provided by city council members, with $80,000 being allocated for drag programs in 2022 alone – over three times as much as was provided in 2020 for drag programs.

‘I can’t believe this. I am shocked,’ Helen Qiu, the mother of a Manhattan middle school student, told the Post, ‘I would be furious if he was exposed without my consent. This is not part of the curriculum…’

Queens City Council member Vicki Paladino responded with outrage over news of the city’s drag queen expenses.

‘I am considering pulling funding to any school in my district that is implementing Drag Queen Story Hour,’ Paladino said, ‘We are taking hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the pockets of hardworking New York taxpayers… to fund a program teaching little children about their gender fluidity? Not. On. My. Watch.’

The Department of Education defended the city’s expenses on the drag queen appearances at schools, characterizing them as helping prevent violence against transgender people.

‘Last year, 50 transgender or gender-nonconforming people were killed in the United States due to their identity,’ spokeswoman Suzan Sumer told the Post, ‘We believe our schools play a critical role in helping young people learn about and respect people who may be different from them.’


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And it’s all done in the best possible taste!


This is global. So far in Australia, we have bee successful in calling out this madness but I fear we shall not be able to hold off for long.
For those who like Dr Coleman,

Steven James

I’m elated public nudity isn’t an offence Richie.I sleep walk and one morning I found myself in the CoOp dressed only in my budgie smuggler underpants.Took me 2 hours still to convince the police I’d not escaped from a secure unit nearby!!.


I know I keep asking this but – seriously where are the parents? They think this is OK? 🤯


The money would have done more good if it had been sent to The Ukraine to buy Zelensky a new cruise missile.


As much as it can be pleasant to discuss this, the bottom line is that what NYC chooses to spend its money on is none of my business.


I would ask, if it is being thought then why are you thinking it? Is there regulation on thinking? I have tried to turn my thinking off, I have had no success I even think when I am sleeping but I am not you so don’t know.

The thought police came knocking my door to test my thinking and find out more.
I go on record it’s a veiled attack, they have no charges but they might be back.
Freedom is just sinking into darkness, everything is sinking into gloom.


Whether it is your business or not makes no difference. Both you and i are free to comment on sick lunacy wherever we find it.


2,161 deaths reported to MHRA after COnVID-19 Vaccine, no investigation or acknowledgement but 50 deaths amongst male birds is far more important to the chickens clucking in the mainstream. “Sex is the biggest thing on peoples minds from lords and lady’s down to my Kind but it’s too bad. Too bad I’m living in a world where masturbation means something deep” All religions are sex and death cults at the core shrouded in thousands of years of obfuscation so it is hardly surprising. Ask Andy.


‘Some parents are outraged that they weren’t…consulted.’
When I went through the schooling system in the 1970s and 80s, I don’t recall parents ever being consulted over the curriculum.
Any parent that didn’t agree with specific aspects were free to teach and reinforce their own views at home.
Realistically, is today much different?

Sure, some of the educational content is different – but, it could be argued, educational content has always moved somewhat in line with workplace requirements, and those are quite different today from what they were thirty or sixty years ago.


What the hell has this got to do with workplace requirements? Sometimes i really do wonder about people!


It should have nothing to do with the basic tasks of a job; but more and more jobs are not just about the basic tasks, but require adoption of certain mindsets and the acceptance of certain ‘values’ as applied through training modules.
For the record, I don’t respond well to those extra workplace requirements – but that tends to create friction and eventual unemployment.
The kids going through the schooling system are more likely to fit in as they have been pre-prepared.

Urban Fox

Were there really 50 Transgender or gender non conforming people killed due to their identity.? In the same way i hear similar statements regarding alleged racist killings, and ask were they killed through general violence, or specifically because of there color, i would also question this. Even if they genuinely know the answer to this question, they dont know if what they are doing is preventing more deaths and hatred, or the cause of the situation.

I believe that the true originators of these policy’s have no interest in diversity and helping the young to understand differences. But are doing all they can to confuse gender, in order to aid a plan to fuse gender. Whilst simultaneously helping to cause further division and discontent.


Greetings, Mr Fox!
You know as well as I that the trick is in the language. Gender is not sex. Gender is masculine and feminine traits, of which men and women have both in varying degrees.
Attributing a specific gender to a specific sex is the confusion and deception whereby people (and kids in particular) are being persuaded to outwardly express their dominant inner gender type. While conveniently giving closet homophobic parents, and other adults, a get-out. And it is unlikely that this current fashion will do much to reduce homophobia in kids who could grow up thinking that more effeminate men should only be seen in dresses.


Ha, ha, the pope always wares a dress, is he a male bird too? Most likely.


Go back 400 years or so. Men wore their hair longer and dressed in smocks and hose. The modern language for that would be ‘short dress and tights’.


Yip and I seem to recall, trousers where first worn by the woman but I can’t remember why or where.

Traffic moving slowly over icy treacherous roads.
School girls off to school, not fully but only half clothed.
Who invented femininity, who invented the skirt?
Where they mad in their infinite wisdom?
Just maybe too mad for words.
Who’d be a girl in winter?


Yip, no one will ever know, thank you.

Last edited 15 days ago by Nev
Urban Fox

Indeed Craig, how you? Iv just written something about A.I which it wont allow me to post and I’m not happy as its taken me more than an hour. Though i did copy it.


I’m good, thanks.
Have you tried logging out and back in? That can sort out the posting problem. Sometimes I even get logged out arbitrarily while I’m writing a post, so have to copy what I wrote and log back in.
I also find that comments with multiple links (and sometimes with unsecure links) won’t post.

Urban Fox

Thanks Craig, iv managed to post it now.


It could be argued that they are applying a blanket approach to avoid singling out any one particular group in need of more tolerance training.
I can’t remember the exact figure, but in 2018 all but two of the trans murders in America were perpetrated by African-American men. But to highlight that would be to invite accusations of racism.

Over the years, as children and adults, we have had stories read by – and been entertained by – Kenny Everitt in drag, Hinge and Brackett, Lily Savage, Dame Edna, and a slew of dragged actors in pantomimes. But being done through stage and screen they have been somewhat impersonal and remote. Bringing drag acts into schools, it could further be argued, makes things less impersonal.
So the only real issue is how those drag acts conduct themselves in the schools. Are they there to teach and inform the kids in a responsible fashion, or are they there to satisfy personal ego?
I wouldn’t be surprised if most fall intothe former category, with the media only highlighting the small percentage of the latter as is their usual tactics.

In my opinion the genuine drag queens are not, in the main, the problem. It is the bad faith actors and relatively small numbers of extreme political and social activists that are the problem. Those who, when the proverbial hits the fan, will take off the dresses, brightly coloured accessories, and makeup, and blend back into the background to let the real drag queens take the fall.
Classic patsy scenario.


There are two huge differences between the entertainers you mention above and those going into the schools of young children. Firstly, Everitt, Savage, Dame Edna and all of those pantomime dames were adept at taking the piss out of themselves as well as entertaining. They only wanted to be laughed at and there was no underhand agenda.
Secondly, parents had the choice to avoid stage shows that had content not suitable for their young children and could of course turn off the TV at any time.
This is completely different to some bearded merchant with a serious agenda (no chance of any laughs here) sliding into a school without any kind of parental input and attempting to brainwash young minds that they must accept that any kind of sexual deviancy is normal.
You write “are they there to teach and inform the kids in a responsible fashion?”
Teach them what for God’s sake!


Tolerance of difference?
Though I suspect that the only difference that tolerance is being promoted for is outward difference, rather than thought difference.

But what do I know? I’m not witnessing such things first-hand.


The important word being used is ‘gender’ not biographical sex characteristics. It’s a clever ploy, so they can claim umpteen different genders – which actually have nothing to do with your biology, just how you ‘identify’ – which again is a slippery word in itself. So it’s kind of a word play for the far left , in this it also obfuscates and hides real terms – which in allot of ways is the main plan. Confuse, bewilder try to break held beliefs- but replace them with non specific vague ever changing ideas – I believe it’s from the communist playbook.
With all the traditions of drag, this ‘story time’ shit sounds way to contrived. I couldn’t see it growing organically. If you look at the ideology it’s telling very particular stories – it’s going beyond a pantomime dame being comic , and then try on some makeup and drag yourself – basically it’s proselytizing to young minds
Like I said in the last post about gay baseball – this will – and is killing Drag- real drag which was very un-pc ironically – All this gender shit is not at all accepted by allot of Gays and Lesbians – the original “LB” before all the other Alphabet peeps got grafted on. Celebrating confused people getting drastic body surgery, having men move into woman’s spaces, sexualising kids is certainly not being celebrated by increasing numbers of the original community. Oh and this constant shit of ‘if you don’t constantly affirm trans people they will kill they-selves ‘ is nothing more than psychopathic behaviour. Why where 50 ‘transgender’ killed last year? How much of it was lifestyle choices – how many where prostitutes? A notoriously dangerous game.


‘I couldn’t see it growing organically.’
I would argue that very little of what we take for granted does grow organically.
Our education system started from learned religious types teaching basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills – which, after a time, got adopted by our government into the compulsory system we have today (often to the detriment of poor families who would benefit from the extra income if their kids could work).
Almost all of our household goods are products – past and present – of clever marketing, rather than organically generated demand.
Most of the clothes we wear and have become accustomed to buying, are products of marketing and fashion, rather than having much in the way of practical, organically demanded value.

There are many places around the world where this commercially contrived driven culture either doesn’t exist or only exists in rigidly controlled ways. Such cultures have little, if any, organic growth.

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