Ofcom Adds Gammon, Karen & Snowflake To List of Offensive Terms

The UK communications regulator Ofcom has for the first time begun to add so called “politically charged” terms to its list of potentially offensive words that broadcasters should steer clear of.

Ofcom believes that words like Karen, Gammon, Libtard, Snowflake, Remoaner and Boomer are likely to cause offence and broadcasters should take this into consideration when producing shows.

LBC’s James O’Brien was recently referred to the regulator for his use of the term Gammon when criticising Brexiteers. According to The Mail Online:

Ofcom’s Director of Standards and Audience Protection Adam Baxter said: “People’s views on offensive language can change significantly over time. So, to ensure we’re setting and enforcing our rules effectively, it is essential that we keep up to date with how viewers and listeners think and feel.”

The regulator confirmed that it will be monitoring politically charged phrases in the coming months to determine their impact on audiences. Baxter went on to say that:

“These findings will help us to strike the right balance between protecting audiences and children in particular, from unjustified offence, while still allowing broadcasters the creative freedom to reflect real life in their performances.”

Unjustified offence? What the hell is that? Taking offence is a personal choice. There are thousands of political talk shows on terrestrial and satellite TV. There are millions online. If you don’t like how a host expresses himself/herself, switch it off and watch something else.

I took ownership of the term Gammon. While I am bald (ish), I’m not particularly red-faced and I could never be accused of being right-wing. The word made me laugh so I adopted it. There’s nothing that a stranger could call me that would leave me offended.

We are living through the greatest attack on free speech and free thought in history.



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hello from sunny Limerick, a work friend of mine died last week from a heart attack after having two jabs, and a neighbour has had blood clots after being fully jabbed, but the sheep think its just a coincidence??

Karen nicholl

Hey well I’m a KAREN and I couldn’t give a shit, what is wrong with people today, many are so miserable with no banter, grrrrrrrr


Good luck our Karen.


I just committed heresy against the thought police by saying Karen, Gammon, Libtard, Snowflake, Remoaner and Boomer in public.

I have been called a lot worse to my face but you don’t see me being a crybaby (oops there’s another word that’ll be frowned on or banned by the wonk brigade.)
Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.
Couldn’t care a bleep* what people call me, it is irrelevant.

This constant re-framing and censoring of language affects the neuro-plasticity of the brain as we change our language, we change and/or influence or behaviour.

The eternally offended will always be as such and dream up ways of being in that perpetual state of fragility. Attention to all snowflakes and the woke/wonkers/wokerati or whatever trendy name you go by please grow up and get a life.

This nonsense was cultivated in the West with the politically correct terminology being used in the media from the 1990’s.

It’s all part of the subversion and demoralisation agenda which Yuri Bezmenov had detailed in his exceptional lecture(s).




ps the powers that be/were are so desperate that they pathetically weaponising language by pretending that using a word is offensive (who is the authority on offense?) e.g. “silence is violence” placards from the George Soros/Floyd protests. “If you’re not with us you’re with the terrorists” G W Bush 2001.
Another nefarious example is the labelling of any alternate views to the government script as being conspiracy theories in order to thwart any debate about the blatant convid hoax / psy-op.

*expletive deleted because there are ladies present and it is pre-watershed.

Jeananne Crowley

I’m a ‘Boomer’ and Richie a ‘Gammon’ Do we have any ‘Libtards’ ‘Remoaners or ‘Snowflakes’ on board? Back in Shakespeare’s day insults were hilarious
““Away, you starvelling, you elf-skin, you dried neat’s-tongue, bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish!” or “There’s no more faith in thee than in a stewed prune.” What about “A most notable coward, an infinite and endless liar, an hourly promise breaker, the owner of no one good quality.” (applies to Fauci & Gates) …..I could go on!


There is an old Scottish saying in reference to someone acting or talking mince( in English nonsense ) ” away and boil your heed “, it has a few meanings, but basically means fuck off you are talking nonsense. Having spent a lot of time in old Caledonia I can honestly say I have never seen anyone boiling their heed. I can only conclude that we Scots talk nothing but sense and logic.


Another way to look at this is the re-introduction of basic courtesy and respect for other people regardless of personal feelings about them. There was a time when this kind of behaviour was the accepted norm in society.
In other words, under the guise of ‘Progressivism’, it is actually the re-introduction of old traditional, conservative values.
Like most everything else these days, in my opinion.


I neither need nor want the protection of unnecessary bureaucratic institutions thank you very much. I have a brain and I am perfectly capable of making my own mind up about what I will read, listen to or watch. Of course this has nothing to do with something being offensive to people it is about what the powers that be want us to hear, see or read.


“Standards and Audience Protection” 1984 is longer fiction and has not been for a while.

Travis Dane

Ah shur Richie you can always alter your title to Big Baldy Gombeen instead!!

Urban fox

Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of belief ,freedom of thought. These were once said to be the cornerstone or pillars of democratic society.

I believe there has been no freedom of speech for around 30 years. For much of that period i used to tell anyone that listened,” we don’t have freedom of speach ,we have freedom to say certain things, which every country in the world does to a lessor or greater degree.” These so called pillars of “democratic society”, have been on the wane for many years. And the list of what we can and not say has been getting increasingly longer, with every passing year. With one country now becoming almost indistinguishable from another. The covid era, has seen what remains of these values we supposedly held so dear, disappear at such an alarming rate, they are practically non existent.

Our Grand parents, would have found the world we now inhabit, unrecognizable from the one that they knew. Where as its true that certain bigotry’s and predigests are thankfully gone. They have simply been replaced by others, particularly over the last 18 months. There is no greater area where we have seen this, than the attacks on those of us who do not believe the official narrative of the covid story, and refuse to obey the dictates of social and medical tyranny. At least our grand parents did not have to be afraid to say what they believed or thought, even when they were wrong.

I do take offence, which i am calling justifiable offence. At those in power who have decided what i should do, say or believe. I am offended to be breathing the same air, as all those who have decided they have the right to take away our humanity and our freedom, to further there own evil agenda’s.


‘Our grandparents did not have to be afraid’. That’s not really true is it?
This link mentions the Vagrancy Act. Some sections have been repealed, but most of it remains in existence.

I doubt advocating homosexuality would have gone down too well; or threats to, or bad words about – the queen.


Not just my grandparents but my parents wouldn’t recognise the world as it is now, it has changed so quickly. I would love to be a fly on the wall and hear what these prigs who preach to us about what we’re allowed to say actually say themselves in private.


Just to add that I tried to reply to your message but I can’t get into your profile. Loved the song lyrics.

Urban Fox

Hi, Glad you liked it. Just letting you know. I wrote something yesterday about no excess deaths, with a link to an article from John Hopkins university from last November. Which they later withdrew. My piece was on here for 5 minutes, and then removed. I got a message saying i was a suspected spammer, and then my account was blocked. I think it has been closed. This is a new one. Wrote to maintenance, but don’t hold much hope of reply. I’m still hoping to get old account back, as there are things i want on there. I am not a happy fox, to say the least. Something very suspect going on i think, but not with Richie. I’m sure this site is being tampered with.


How strange. They go after everyone who tells the truth. You haven’t done anything to suggest you are a spammer but you have given a lot of truthful information which to them is a problem.

Urban Fox

Thanks Jennie, just sent friend request as think old account gone for good. Hope doesn’t happen again. Not amused.


Blessed Day Mr Fox. Glad to see you back. I can understand your annoyance. Not good at all. I must say you look great in your new pic. Did you get your hair cut? 😄👍🏻.

Go in Grace, oh wise one! 😊

Urban Fox

Blessed day Joe, yes i cut it myself. I like my new title.

Go in Grace Joe, Under his eye.


I wish I knew how to cut my own hair as I haven’t been able to go to a hairdresser for a long time now because of the mask thing. You do look very smart in your picture.

Urban Fox

I have actually been cutting for real. Took me ages to get the hang of it. Several attempts. Made mess couple of times. I need to do again to keep on top of it and trim beard as well. Which iv been doing down to stubble length last few years. But really needs doing now.


Thanks for that. Just been and accepted it.

Urban Fox

Or maybe even our devices being monitored. The technology is there. Another disturbing thing. I was looking for something the other day with the search engines. And i got a message at the bottom of the page. Telling me ,that my search items had been removed. In other words senesced, just not using that word. Like it makes it different. Shocking stuff.


I use Duck Duck Go, never had a problem with them.

Urban Fox

Tried that one and still no joy.

There was storyline on Hollyoaks recently that was slagging off people who didn’t believe the official narrative as having mental health problems. And they were openly pushing child vaccinations. It was one of the most outrageous things i have ever seen on television.
I was searching to try and find comments others had posted about it. As there must be others who obviously think like us. I got dozens of pages that came up ,all of them condemning attacks on actors on the show, just for doing there job.( peddling dangerous propaganda is there job now it seems). And i could not find a single link criticizing them. All i got on the bottom of the page. Was your search results have been removed. You cant get more blatant than that. I tried several search engines and found nothing at all.

Clare Rehill

Ah jaysus Richie. Dies that mean we have to stop calling you the Big Baldy Gammon (BBG)?? 😂

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