Oncologist: “Obsessive Covid Testing Is Tantamount To Self-Harm”

A leading oncology professor has claimed that the policy of testing healthy people for covid-19 is obsessive, hysterical and “tantamount to national self-harm.”

Writing for The Mail Online, Professor Angus Dalgleish said that the mass-testing of the population using lateral flow tests has crippled hundreds of thousands of British businesses and put lives at risk due to hospital staff shortages.

Dalgleish wrote:

The policy of obsessive Covid screening of the population using lateral flow tests has lurched into mass hysteria.
Worse, it is tantamount to national self-harm.

Hospitals, transport networks, our postal and rubbish collection services and hundreds of thousands of British businesses are now being crippled because of a mania over checking people for an infection that they may have no symptoms for.

With one million people in isolation last week, everyday life – and the economy – is at risk of grinding to a halt.
And even more worrying, crucial life-saving work is being jeopardised, with more than 40,000 NHS staff unable to attend work for at least two days last week…..

While the daily number of new infections may sound alarming, most people with Omicron are experiencing nothing more than cold-like symptoms – if any at all – and yet are still being forced to sign off work for at least seven days.

Dalgleish is right. Mass-testing healthy people to check if they have a cold is madness, but there is method in it. He must know that now. I bet he also knows that mass-vaccinating the population for a mild illness is unnecessary and dangerous, but he won’t go there, will he?

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Obsessive screening + false positives = keeping the fear/narrative alive.

lynsey west

The real question here is why now.
i don’t think the Dr incident was staged, I think this type of thing happens a lot, its just normally suppressed, the same as the oncologist and the liverpool boss.
All of a sudden the counter narrative is being allowed to be put out there.

Caroline Fealy

I hope that more doctors, nurses, professor’s ect ect speak out it will close this whole shit show down. I noticed that Mike Yeadon was talking with Neil Oliver the other day on GB news. I do not think much of that channel. I have watched a few journalist on there not very well put together in my opinion. But i am not a tv watcher.


never been tested and there is no way i will be ,even if i’m refused treatment


The utter myth of asymptomatic transmission upon which this whole fuck is based.

Anne Talbot

Just been listening to Mike Yeadon again. There is so much compelling evidence out there which would definitely make the most sane and rational person seriously question just exactly what the real intent is, or so you would think, right ?

As a person with zero qualifications and limited knowledge on epidemiology and respiratory deceases, I find Yeadon easy to listen to and understand however his no nonsense approach is seldom given air time to the wider public.

No surprises there then.


I used to follow him on twatt. He was always very passionate about all that was transpiring but was fearful of doing any interviews because he wasn’t savvy enough for media world, and was afraid they would trip him up and discredit him. So pleased he finally got to speak out, Neil Oliver was the ideal presenter for him. Wonder if he’d speak to Richie too

Anne Talbot

And we know there that this is what these so called journalists and presenters do now, Richie highlights this to absolute perfection to the point that you can not possibly dismiss it as a ‘one off’ Agree that Neil Oliver conducted the interview with integrity, as Richie would do.

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