One In Four Adults Haven’t Had A Hug In A Year

Research by the think tank Demos has revealed that 1 in 4 adults in the UK have not been hugged in the past year. The survey of 1,000 people suggests that people feel they will have less opportunities to build new relationships post lockdown.

64 per cent of those who took part said that they had not made a new friend for six months, while 44 per cent hadn’t done so in more than a year. 13 per cent said they have not been asked how their day was or talked to their neighbours in six months or more.

Demos is calling on the government to tailor public services to ensure that it is easier for people to form new relationships. The think tank is also calling for policies that will make people less reliant on the state.

In response, a government spokeswoman said that the government is “acutely aware” that for many people loneliness will not disappear after lockdown. 

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have invested over £34 million in charities specifically focused on reducing loneliness,” she said.

There’s a real pandemic raging right now. Isolation and loneliness has devastated the wellbeing of millions. Mental health services are on the verge of collapse.

Eating disorders and self-harming are on the rise in children. Look for yourself. Enter the search terms children, eating disorders and self harming and then click the news tab. You’ll be horrified.

A friend of mine who works for the NHS as a counsellor told me yesterday, that if you need therapy and can’t afford to go private, you’ll be waiting more than a year before you see an NHS counsellor. How many people will be lost as a result of that?

How do you explain to people that this is part of a wider agenda? How do you convince them to consider just for a minute, that they must have known what lockdowns would do to public health?

It’s not easy. Most of the people I know weren’t remotely put out to be told by their governments who they could and couldn’t hug and that they couldn’t welcome guests in their homes. They blindly followed the directions no matter how arbitrary they were.

There’s a 10am mass at the Catholic church on Salford precinct this morning. I might pop down. If I do, it’ll be the first time I will have entered a church since making my confirmation. Aye, I haven’t been to mass in 34 years. You want lapsed? I’ll give you lapsed.

I might just light a candle and pray to the Baby Jesus, teenage Jesus, God, the Virgin Mary and the three kings, that the architects of this evil will see justice in this life. To seal the deal, I’ll promise to give up Bacardi every Lent until I die.





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I have been hugging my 90 year old mother for well over a year now, she might be long in years but she is old school and makes her own mind up, never ever has anyone telling her what she can and cannot do even more so during the current shit show,


Your mum sounds like a lovely free thinking lady, we need more of her x


Humans need touch, a cuddle, a kiss, holding hands, a smile, and laughter, it’s a necessity for the human race to survive and flourish. It’s nothing but pure evil to deliberately come between our human nature. It’s sinister and devastating, but then that is what it’s meant to do, a plan to destroy our natural human ways, our immune systems, destroy us. Let them try lol, they have no idea what they are up against, the true human spirit trumps ALL 🙂


the general consensus is poverty will kill many more people over the next few yrs through lockdown, job losses and mental and physical health than this so called virus will ever would do.


And yet people will still go along with this.


If you’ve payed attention to this nonsense avoiding hugging, spending time with people etc cos the government says so I want nothing to do with you if you are suffering the effects of self imposed isolation you get no sympathy from me.


It’s official. Gary is a hard hearted backstard LOL….


I spoke to a friend in April. She said that she had gone months without a hug. It was a video call. She asked me if the video was frozen because my mouth hung open.

I thought the news was bullshitting me when they said people were keeping to this shit!


Often, it is only a few people that are needed to build a paradigm; this is why the psychoscumbags running this fear campaign are seizing upon the likes of Dolly Parton, Ricky Gervais etc. Far too many people are unwilling to stand up for their beliefs and instincts. Were I a parent, the first lesson I’d teach my kids would be to ‘fight your corner’. Speaking selfishly there are a few members of the opposition that I was looking forward to getting closer to; but have now been deleted from my to hug/snog etc list.


Anyway Sage Scum and that waste of space Ferguson have said Covid bollocks is nearly over and come sept,october it will be happy days,so there you go you will be able too hug till your heart is content.


Will be told not to hug for fear of raising environmental temperatures – so wrong that warm feeling you get from a hug!!


I met a psychotherapist at a get together in a park the other day and she was talking about the devastating effect the last 18 months has had on children and young people who now constitute a large proportion of the people that she and her colleagues see. She was giving out leaflets about the mental health problems in different sectors of society.

These psychopaths do not understand human interaction and they want everyone isolated and surrounded by technology. If they cared about the environment they would want people to live a simpler life with less technololgy which I believe actually would make people happy.

Here in Ireland after wasting billions on this fake pandemic they are now cutting back on medical services, dental services and taking off buses on many routes.

They are taking off buses at the moment but I do believe that they will be coming after cars before long.

Urban fox

True Jennie

Iv read some of the agenda 21/30 documents online. And one of the plans clearly says. Nobody to travel more than 3 miles from where they live as this will not be necessary. They also talk about moving everyone out of the countryside and relocating them in ,so called smart city’s. This is no longer conspiracy theory. As the information is now readily available, if anyone bothers to look. So the general public, if they allow it, are not going to be flying anywhere by 2030. Jab or no jabs. That’s the ones that are left alive of course. As they also talk about a population of half a billion by 2030 as well. I think the wording says something along the lines of ” nothing should be ruled out to accomplish this goal, including extraordinary measures”.

But yes, regarding cars they do not want people driving, as it gives them freedom. Vernon Coleman has looked into this in some detail. This is one of the reasons electric vehicles are being pushed. As they know, that on a large scale they are totally impractical.


I live in a rural area and they have taken off a number of buses from what was already quite a poor service. People think that if they have the jab they will get back most of their freedoms but as we know they will be in for a nasty shock. We live in scary times.


It’s a rare sight to see a plane in the sky nowadays ,it will soon be as shocking as seeing a UFO lol. They went and got jabbed to go on holiday, and no-ones going on any holiday abroad, it’s for the rich only, they were saying all this in the Summer of 2019, and if by magic, and the convid of course, they got their way.

Patricia Braunschweiler

Am I being naive by thinking the movie “The Hunger Games” was predictive programming?

Urban fox

Hi there, i don’t think we can say that is the case all the time. Possibly not ever Dystopian fiction is generally very popular. Even with the originals Orwell and Huxley, they admitted they had inside knowledge. So in that sense ,we cant really include them either .As they were warning people rather than programing them. The Illuminate, behind this. Do sometimes put messages out a few years in advance. Looking at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London. In hindsight this is now obvious.. But iv never been convinced its to program. It is more of an inside joke. Putting 2 fingers up to those in the know who are against them. And giving the thumbs up to there mates.

I know some will disagree with me. But with respect this is very much my field. What people should be concerned about. Which is having a genuine hard hitting impact on the general public right now. Is the psychological tricks they have been using since the covid scam began. They have been using what’s known as covert hypnosis techniques for the last 17 months. Very much so on coronation street and Emmerdale in particular. I’m not talking about the obvious propaganda that is bad enough. But they are using covert tricks, that the general public could not possibly detect, without knowledge of the subject. These have a direct impact on the subconscious.


That’s absolutely true, they are leaving children without vital services, speech and language is non existent, my son who is non-verbal has waited well over a year and a half now. Our health visitor has told us it’s unlikely they will ever do home visits again, they are not seeing any children, not even in the special needs Schools or nursery’s. My daughter who was non-verbal had home visits from speech and language early on and she can talk great now because of that early intervention, but my wee boy is being left without this therapy, along with millions of other children. We received a letter from Speech and language just last week with the usual we are sorry we will get through the long waiting list, etc, etc, but then they asked if we could go on to YOUTUBE and try do it ourselves lol.

Urban fox

Thanks for reply. You have just reminded me of a story from last year. Perfectly genuine, but no longer can remember details. It was talking about something called the frailty scale. I’m surprised its hardly been mentioned this last year. It was brought in shortly before the scam kicked off. They basically rate people on a scale of mental and physical frailty. And if they don’t have enough points they are given a DNR notice. Anyway, there was an Autistic child in an ambulance who had been given a low rating. And the paramedic admitted to letting the child die. Then of course lets not forget midazolam.
There has been a lot of talk recently, about not mentioning the Nazis and not mentioning Nuremburg. Its like that old Faulty towers scene from the comedy. Where the character keeps telling himself ” don’t mention the war.” I would suggest the time for being nice is long past. Kate ,David and others, need to say what they believe and tell it like it is. And if people don’t like it. Tough luck. I wrote my thoughts on this in two posts on previous page. I know not everyone agrees. But its what i think. All the best with your children, at least they have a Mum who has not got her head in the sand. Which is more than most. Take care, Fox


Thank you so much Fox, it’s a shame that most of the parents at my kids Schools have their whole head shoved miles deep in the sand, aahh it’s so frustrating. The frailty scale sounds horrendous, very frightening actually, ill have a wee look into to that as I haven’t heard of it. Yes I agree the time for being nice has long, long, long passed as they are coming for children now, which is a whole different level, and that’s going to surely awaken people from their slumber x

Urban fox

Thanks Layla for reply. A while since heard or read anything. It was definitely introduced in some hospitals. Could not be sure at moment, if was official policy all hospitals. Or if still being used. But the fact they are doing these things at all, is beyond words. And the criteria for being given DNR notice without consent in many cases, is slacker than has ever been. As i think most people who know what is going on will agree from what we have seen.

Urban fox

Oh i thought your reply was for me. Never mind. Nice to say hi anyway.

Kelly Maher

I’m only hugging the uncontaminated.


There are a great many people that I’m having to delete from my ‘hug list’ too.


This will require a very clever line of enquiry/assessment. When the vaxxed realise they’ve been stitched up, some will be looking to exact their revenge on us more discerning types.

Like some HIV infected did, with malice but on a much grander scale!!

Urban fox

Nothing that has happened the last 17 months has been by accident. I believe everything was planned down the smallest detail. The evidence is everywhere

Including the exercise that took place only months before. Photocopy’s of patents. The speed that the clot shot was produced. I believe David Icke is correct when he says ,that they knew exactly what they were going to put in it months, if not years before they started jabbing. Then there’s the changing of the rules regarding using Kochs postulates. Only months before, there was a directive saying it was no longer necessary as proof of an infectious disease.. Previously it had been used continuously since the late 19th century. Then there is the speed that the 350 page corona” white paper” was supposedly brought out. They produced it out of a hat, in just a few days. In normally takes about 12 months to produce a” white paper”that size.

They just didn’t happen to take advantage of a situation, as the guest yesterday said. This is simply absurd. The idea that politicians and governments and local councils are thick, is a myth. We are meant to think that. As it enables them to get away with there actions. ” oh I’m sure they are doing there best really” is a common comment.

Keeping people apart, separating them from loved ones, stopping physical contact and stopping them meeting in pubs and nightclubs etc., is a major part of the agenda. It makes it difficult to communicate and voice concerns about things. As does censorship on the net. It makes people depressed and ill, and HELPS TO BUGGER UP THERE IMUNE SYSTEM
And it cuts down on the amount of people having sex, thereby less baby’s being born.

Regarding the churches, as Richie just happened to mention the mass. Totalitarian regimes have always hated people having a religion or recognizing there spirituality. As they need to destroy hope. They also as Orwell wrote about. Want the public to see them as the Gods and as the absolute power. Just look at how the churches have been closed since the beginning of this scam. We were all able to walk around busy supermarkets, but a dozen or perhaps 2 dozen people, weren’t able to sit in a big church. Ask yourself why?

I used to spend hours on occasion sitting in the beautiful little chapel in the Catholic church down the road. Praying and meditating. Even now 17 months on. It is only open for a couple of hour a day. And there are guards on the door. Making people wear masks and wash there hands with gel .So even the innocent act of sitting in a chapel has been taken away from people who wont comply with these bastards.

They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”

From the New testament.


Spot on Foxy, they also changed the definition of a pandemic just months before all this started.

Urban fox

Thanks Jennie, yes you just reminded me, they did.


I totally agree that it was planned, we had a support worker for over 5 years due to my daughter being autistic, and my younger one also on the spectrum. She helped us with a lot of support, and then in the summer of 2019, we were dropped by social services, even though we still needed that extra support, they told us that they were taking on ‘new roles’. Fast forward ‘pandemic’ and I found out from a very awake Teacher from my daughter’s special needs School, that we were not the only family with disabled children to have their support cut, not even cut, just completely cancelled. It was pretty much every family in her School, coincidence, or they knew what was in the pipe line.

Urban fox

Oh your reply was for me. I’m not feeling 100% today so getting confused. I replied to this, But higher up the page.


Can’t fault them for their meticulous detailing!!


In Ancient Greek lore, Demos was the local deity of Athens; but Demos is sometimes substituted with Deimos, the deity of fear and terror.
Funny name for a company to use.


Praying to the representatives of one authoritarian system to protect against another authoritarian system.


Look at it as meeting irony with irony.

Jon the Paranoid.

It was 33 years for me.
1 Thessalonians chapter 5


Hallelujah the BBG has seen the light and found God. Henceforth the show will be opened with 5pm afternoon prayers and thought of the day. The Sunday tunes will now include hymns and carol singing. Perhaps we could now have a few TV evangelists and preachers on the guest list. The phone ins could encourage listeners to call in and confess their filthy sins and blessings would be read out. This could be a wonderful new start for the show ✝✝✝✝


Do you think Richie would be sufficiently restrained to cut out some of the fruity language?!!!

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