A Connecticut high school student won the girls 100 and 200 metre sprint races at the CIAC State Open track and field competition earlier this month. Terry Miller, who was born a male but identifies as a female won the 100 metres in 11.72 seconds and dominated the 200 metre race in a time of 24.17 seconds. Incredibly, the runner-up in the 100 metre race, Andraya Yearwood, is also a trans girl who was born a boy. What kind of fuckery is this eh? The parents of the girls who were blown away by the teeny trannies were not impressed and are demanding answers, as well they might. When they learned that Terry Miller had competed as a boy in the winter racing season, they lost their collective shit.

The beaten girls are not happy either. Selina Soule who came 6th in the 100 metre race said: "I think it's unfair to the girls who work really hard to do well and qualify for Open and New Englands. These girls, they're just coming in and beating everyone." She did add however that she has "no problem with them wanting to be a girl'. Parent Bianca Stanescu told the CT Post: "Sports are set up for fairness. Biologically male and female are different......the great majority is being sacrificed for the minority." She is right of course, it is lunacy and the question is, where does it end? Multiple Olympic gold medallist Usain Bolt won't be good enough to compete in the men's 100 metres in Tokyo in 2020, but he could theoretically state that he now identifies as a woman, call himself Eunice and destroy the female field. Why not?

Look, I mean it when I say it, live and let live. Who am I to say that individuals can't choose to identify as whatever they like? If you believe that you were born in the wrong body that's fine. I don't care what you wear or what you call yourself. You want me to call you Maggie even though I've known you as Martin for years? Sure, no problem. I don't give a shit what you do, so long as you're good company and know when it's your round. But don't be a fascist. Don't tell me that you can compete in women's sports, just because you want. Don't tell me that you can use whatever bathroom you like, don't tell me that the dictionary has to be changed and that we have to stop using terminology like "pregnant woman" because you feel that it is discriminatory to you. Do not tell me that we must introduce the ridiculous concept of gender fluidity to youngsters in primary schools and stick your Drag Queen Story Time up yer arse! Stop it right now.

If you want my support for your right to live as a member of the opposite sex, you've got it. I've got all the tolerance in the world right here. After all, what difference is it to me? But meet me halfway. Show some tolerance of your own and accept that you do not have the right to demand that society bends to your increasingly fascistic demands. If you've got a tallywhacker in your undies, the majority of folk will always see you as a bloke, no matter what you say or do. You can't legislate for that. Get over yourself, be happy and show a little humility. It goes a long way.



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