Over 100 Scientists Write To PM Urging Him NOT To End Lockdown

In a letter published in The Lancet Journal, more than 100 scientists have condemned the government’s plan to lift all restrictions on July 19th calling it “unethical” and dangerous.”

The scientists are urging the Prime Minister to reconsider. They claim that the rise in covid-19 cases driven by the emergence of the so called Delta variant will in their words:

“..likely continue until millions more are infected, leaving hundreds of thousands with long-term illness and disability. This strategy risks creating a generation left with chronic health problems and disability, the personal and economic impacts of which might be felt for decades to come.”

While UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that all restrictions will be removed on July 19th and people will be urged to take personal responsibility for the measures they take to stay safe, a final decision will be made this coming Monday.

Dr. Chaand Nagpaul (pictured), the chairman of the British Medical Association and one of the signatories of the letter, said that removing all restrictions on July 19th is “dangerous and premature.”

International scientists have lent their support for the letter too. According to SKY News today:

International scientists have also expressed support for the open letter. One of them, Professor Eric Topol, said: “The abrupt rise in UK Delta variant cases will not only engender more Long COVID, but has also already resulted in more severe illness, with hospitalisations and deaths.

“Taking more time to further improve vaccination rates should help reduce the toll of this superspreader disease.”

Epidemiologist Dr Deepti Gurdasani, a senior lecturer at Queen Mary University, added: “The government has made a deliberate choice to expose children to mass infection, rather than protect them in schools or vaccinate them. This is unethical and unacceptable.

UK hospital wards are empty. Death rates are below the five year average for this time of year. They’ve (regrettably) fully jabbed 65 per cent of all adults in the UK. There is no pandemic. Whatever Covid was, it’s long gone.

Viruses always mutate. Variants are always less virulent than the original infection. There’s no cherry picking here. I’m stating facts.

This is tyranny. A bunch of witchdoctors are running the country. They won’t rest until every man, woman and child has taken Billy Gates’ poison jabs. And these jabs are just for starters.

This only ends when we say no. No way. Not now, not ever.


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I want to inform you all of the situation over here in Australia. Proves that this is all political and not about a health issue.
We have a Liberal (right) federal government. And premiers of different states (mainly Labor, left).
We have a PM (right) who comes back from G7 and within a week his one Liberal Premier of New South Wales calls for a total shutdown, and Sydney closes down. Victoria (left) a few months ago had a shut down for months and Melbourne was shut down. Shutdowns increases the ‘vaccination; rate, as people get tired and just want to ‘get back to normal’.
New South Wales Premier is just doing the bidding of the PM- who obviously for the pressure applied as the ‘vaccine rollout’ has been slow. We had 303 deaths from January to June (reported on gov site). Sky News conveniently stated it was only 3! Since 17th June to 14th July,m we have had an extra 50 deaths- because the vaccine uptake has been boosted. And so will the deaths continue to climb. Adverse serious reactions are on the rise.
here in Queensland we have a labor premier ; she shot down Brisbane and surrounds again on the eve of school holidays. She did the same on the eve of Easter school holidays. This time she did not push the shutdowns longer than 3 days because after manning the social media sites, she knew that she could not play this old carrot again- the bask lash started. Bear in mind that the shut downs came also 3 days before the end of emergency powers due to end, hence prolonging the emergency powers.
Since this week we have more ‘cases’ but she isn’t shutting down as she did two previous times…hmmmm, what is going wrong….ahh, she wants to attend the Tokyo Olympics and if she again calls for a shutdown, then she can’t go!!!


That’s disgusting. No masks at Wimbledon, G7, Ascot or celebrity parties, restrictions are only for we plebs. The psychopaths don’t need to do anything because the bullies, snitches, control freaks and jobsworths are doing the job for them.

Urban fox

Sporting events need negative test. Think test run for jab passport. G7 ?


How about they lockdown all the scientific establishments? Now that would be a good idea. As I keep saying ad nauseum where are all the sick people? With the level of restrictions we’ve had we should be falling over bodies in the street. What are they doing with the bodies as burials and cremations have not increased? Are they just throwing them into the sea?

Urban fox

The emerald isle voice of reason. And I wOn’t hear any different.. GooD show today. But when the Dr mentioned Wuhan lab,I punched myself 3 times. Not a single court has proved existence of covid. And for months my saying has been. ” the numbers tell the whole story”And where are the samples? They said They can’t show any!Why not?


Thank you. I’m with you 100%. There has never been any proof that this thing is real. It’s so nice to come on here for a blast of sanity as where I’m living is almost total maskomania.

Urban fox

Thanks for reply. Round here a lot less masks recently and some hugging. But I’m not optimistic. I believe these people are mostly jabbed and feeling brave. And that when jab deaths increase they will believe the variants story. And it will all repeat cycle. Wimbledon you have to be tested,other events as well.


I’m sure that’s their beliefs entirely but the problem with these leaked documents is that there is no way of proving if they are genuine or not.


They also lose their raison d’etre, high profile media presence and Bill Gates bungs!!

Tim in Brazil

“The government has made a deliberate choice to expose children to mass infection”
WTF children don’t catch it, or at least they don’t get any symptoms, they just get the antibodies.

Stephen Hardy

“…rise in cases will likely continue until millions more are infected, leaving hundreds of thousands with long-term illness and disability. This strategy risks creating a generation left with chronic health problems and disability, the personal and economic impacts of which might be felt for decades to come.”

That to me reads like a very accurate summation of the likely consequences of the “strategy” to inject every man, woman and child with an experimental cocktail of foreign genetic material. Maybe this is all double bluff: a relatively few (witch)doctors urging the government for more draconian measures, while thousands more equally qualified doctors and epidemiologists, advising the complete opposite, are being ignored.

Maybe the plan is to remove all restrictions (temporarily) so that there will be a ready and “plausible” reason for the tsunami of ill and chronically sick people in the winter – people who’ve all had the jab and are now suffering the consequences due to pathogenic priming. The vaccine cannot be blamed, of course, BoJo opened everything up too quickly. Time to shut everything down again and get more jabs in people’s arms. A double whammy jib-jab in fact: a flu jab in one arm and a triple-booster, multi-ninja, variant-busting covid jab in the other. AND you even get to choose which jab you want in which arm!

I wrote this in October last year:

Could this unprecedented experiment to vaccinate practically every single person on Earth alter the duration or seasonality of viruses? Is it possible that mass outbreaks of flu or flu-like illnesses could occur in the middle of Summer, from viral strains that are linked directly to the covid vaccine, and not wild flu strains one would expect only to be prevalent during the Winter months?

Just yesterday, the banner headline on my local paper (Hull Daily Mail) screamed something like “massive surge in covid cases”. We know the testing criteria is unfit for purpose, but even so, where are all these “cases” coming from? I’d guess at least three quarters must be coming from those who’ve already been jabbed.


There are no actual cases just people who’ve tested positive for a test which cannot look for anything specific.

Stephen Hardy

Hi Jennie… I know! Cases don’t equate to actual sick people in the real world (at least not sick from covid!), it’s just a “positive” result spat out in a lab using a PCR “test” that spits out false positives like water from a hose! But where are most of these “positive tests” likely coming from? The people who’ve already been double jabbed. Will they ever think to themselves: “wait a minute, I’ve been double-jabbed, I faithfully wear my muzzle at all times, but I’m STILL testing positive for covid… what was the point… I don’t think I’ll bother with the booster jabs!”. Sadly, cognitive dissonance will ensure very few, if any, make that realisation.


The so called scientists are most likely linked to the Gates psychopaths or Imperial College London. No surprises here. They will get their 5th national Lockdown by the end of October. No doubt about that.
Just ignore the thousands of scientists that signed the Great Barrington Declaration Last year.. They are just spreading The myth of herd immunity..


These are Charlatans are merely providing cover for the Bozo Covid Cabal when they are ‘forced’ to back track on the free dome day…

Yup, immunology is little better than voodoo science…

I’m beginning to think half of these ‘scientists’ have done a 20 hour online course and printed their own certificates off. So 100 ‘scientists’ have written to BoJo? What about the 1000’s that signed the Barrington Declariation? No one in government is listening to them or even debating with them. The original covid virus should have died out in spring/summer last year and any mutants from that one, as they say, will be weaker which is proved by the lower and lower death numbers. It’ll be interesting if Bojo gives in, yet again, and delays ‘Freedumb’ day further, to see if those indoctrinated people will continue to follow the ‘rules’. I still think that Boris will try to test people’s compliance at some point by saying that pets are carriers and that all dogs, cats, gerbils, etc will be culled. If that can’t make people wake up, then we are well and truly f****d.

This comment is currently unavailable

Last edited 10 months ago by Jacob

i kid you not, yrs ago a job I was in wanted people to be first aid trained, this involved taking a 1 hr online course and printing your own first aid certificate out yourself at the end 🤣


A 17 min video of the interaction and operation of the various players in the immune system. Why herd immunity has already been achieved and latest dire warning of expected outcome of the jab.
(If that’s all you’re interested in – it’s from 13 mins onwards).



This comment is currently unavailable


Nothing but theatre to promote the religion of science.

Urban fox

Hi Craig, science is the new religion. As long as it’s the right science approved by the state.


Of course. It is part of the science of feelings over facts.


The Science of Feelings. The Religion of Subjective Reality. Lived Experience trumps fact. Safe spaces and segregation.
The trend of the last 6 – 8 years becomes more obvious.


The temporary storage of bodies procurement
This will be a contingency cover framework and as such there is no minimum guarantee of any level of spend or call-off under the framework agreement.
two.1.5) Estimated total valueII.1.5) Estimated total valueValue excluding VAT: £6,000,000


Are Sky “news” reporting how many scientists write to the PM urging him to end Lockdown ?

I bet not.


As the signatories of the Great Barrington Declaration, whom he ignored. But I suppose he’ll listen to these idiots.


I can see what is going to happen here. Cases and deaths will rocket due to jabs and Boris’ government will be blamed for opening up and letting it happen. Boris steps down a la Hancock and the country gets a fresh face to take the lead into winter. Boris and Hancock have done their job and will be rewarded handsomely.
Mega lockdowns and forced jabs due to mega variant in autumn / winter. Massive emergency, cats and dogs getting on, it rains upwards.


I have no doubt this is the plan.
It’s beyond obvious.


what angers me is these people have been on full pay, have jobs and all most certainly have private healthcare throughout the lockdowns. What about the rest of us? what about the hundreds and hundreds of billions down the drain with the economy? what about people who lost their jobs and businesses? What about the people who have become poorer due to “science” dictates. People on mass should just tell these people to piss off.

(Apologies for the language 🙂


The longer they lock us down the more people will wake up and see this for what it is. Will it be too late though?


This is way in advance of the death of Kary Mullis. ? if permission sought or sold on? If either true was he informed its patented purpose?

Last edited 10 months ago by Brenda

It couldn’t be more obvious that this is nothing to do with health.

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