Brent is a young man with Downs Syndrome. He has a Twitter account which is overseen by his mum. On Sunday morning Brent posted a picture of himself smiling with the caption: "Good morning Twitter. I'm going out with my sister. I'm happy about how I look. I choose my clothes and my hair because I am a man and I can." He's a sharp dresser is Brent, sporting a cool denim look with a pair of trendy navy trainers. 

Marianne Talbot, a philosophy director at Oxford University replied to his Tweet asking: "Do you mean a man rather than a child Brent? It comes across as a man rather than a woman and I'm sure you don't believe that women can't choose their clothes and hair! You look great!" Brent's mother replied saying: "Mam here. (she must be Irish!) For Brent it's always man as opposed to boy, and adult as opposed to child and his personal choices. It's very important to him as an adult with DS. It's never man v woman. Ever." Talbot came back with: "....I was a bit worried about the implication that girls/women can't choose. But I do see that that might not have been Brent's implication. It is lovely that you have found this way for him to have a voice."

Ah thank heavens for that. Lieutenant Talbot of the language/gender/thought police is satisfied that Brent wasn't implying that women can't choose their clothes and hair. Call off the dogs. Tell the SWAT team to stand down. Is this the way it's going to be from now on? Can you no longer say anything at all without first running it by idiots like Talbot? Remember the other day in the Telegraph, where a lecturer said he wouldn't ask anyone what they had for breakfast in case it hurt their feelings? He said that the person might have a dietary condition or something, so it's better not to ask. Tis sheer fucking lunacy. Should I no longer use the term "man" in any context now, in case I offend the non-gendered, non-binary, Feminazi's and general snowflakes of the world? Hell no. Channel your inner Yorkshire man......or Yorkshire woman....or Yorkshire non-binary......or Yorkshire pangender..... Jesus wept! Join me in this refrain. Altogether now... "I say what I like and I like what I bloody well say!"


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